Thursday, January 29, 2009

Roxanne's Brazilian Beach Bungalow

No, it's not your imagination. Yes, it’s late January, and you really are feeling the warm and balmy glow from the day’s radiating, Rio de Janeiro (River of January) summer sun. Roxanne is going to be your hostess tonight, mostly because she could really use a break after romping her way through each zodiac sun sign. She loves warm, sunny beaches, so it was her idea to have us all head to Brazil for fresh fish.

Take a deep breath and smell the clean, tantalizing South Atlantic breeze as it moves across your dewy skin. The sky is clear and bright, and the stars above sparkle like diamonds. The full, saffron-yellow moon is so close that you could pluck it from the sky like a ripened canteloupe.

Roxanne and I are happy to see everyone dressed casually – wearing your sundresses, shorts and tee-shirts, because we’ll be dining outside tonight on the beach of Ipanema.

Yes, by all means, remove your sandals and flip-flops and wriggle your naked toes in the warm and delicious sand. Along with the sound of waves running onto the shore, the sexy rhythmic music you hear is the Bossa Nova and that’s the rich, distinctive voice of Astrud Gilberto (an Aries sun sign) and Stan Getz (an Aquarius sun sign) is on saxophone.

As you scratch your head trying to figure out why I'm sharing our musical entertainment's zodiac sun signs with you, be patient, you'll know soon enough. In the meantime, please try a Brazilian rum cocktail called a caipirinha. One of these will surely get you into a sultry, samba, kind of mood.

2 tablespoons sugar
juice of 2 limes, rinds reserved
1 cup cachaça or white rum

Add one cup crushed ice in a cocktail shaker; combine the sugar, lime juice, cachaça, and crushed ice. Shake well. Cut the rinds into pieces and divide among four (8-ounce) glasses. Pour the caipirinhas over the rinds, stir and serve.

The double French doors in the living area lead to a covered porch and then outside onto the wooden deck. There you’ll find tiki torches lighting your way down the stairs and onto the beach. This is where our beautiful, white linen covered dinner table awaits us.

Flamingo pink, tangerine orange, crimson red, banana yellow, and parrot green are the explosive colors of the ceramic chargers and bowls at each place setting. White linen napkins sit patiently in pedestal water glasses, and look like fans waving hello. Two, large, hurricane candle holders sit on each side of the freshly cut exotic flower centerpiece.

You’ll notice Roxanne has set out place cards for everyone. And you're probably sitting next to someone you don’t know very well. No worries. She's purposely planned things that way because tonight's discussion question is:

“What's been your most memorable sexual zodiac sun sign experience? Please be prepared to elaborate with the person next to you."

While you’re all sharing your most intimate detailed astrological tryst (s) Roxanne would like to serve her succulent, fish dish now. Sticking with the theme of Brazil, she's prepared an authentic Brazilian dish called fish muqueca.

Even though we’re dining in Brazil tonight, fish muqueca served with its traditional farofa is a hearty and delicious fish stew that is easy for you to prepare at home anytime:

Start by selecting a meatier type of fish, like monk, red snapper, or swordfish.
Roxanne chose swordfish for tonight’s muqueca because it was the catch of the day.

Cut fresh fish into large bite-size pieces
6 red tomatoes (diced into small pieces)
1 onion (sliced)
1 red pepper (sliced)
1 red chili with seeds (chopped)
1 bunch of fresh coriander (chopped)
1 clove of fresh garlic (chopped)
2 tbs of tomato puree
1/4 cup shrimp stalk
½ cup of coconut milk
1 tbs of palm oil
2 tbs of olive oil

Heat a large size pan and add the olive oil. Add onions and let them sweat in the oil for about a minute. Add the fresh garlic. Add red chili with seeds. Add red peppers. Add tomatoes. Stir ingredients gently. Add shrimp stalk. Add tomato puree. Let simmer for about 10 minutes until ingredients start to soften. Add fish. Let fish cook in ingredients for about 5-6 minutes. Add coconut milk. Stir ingredients. Add palm oil. Stir. Garnish with coriander. Serve hot with yellow farofa.

Ingredients for yellow farofa:
4 tbs of butter
½ cup chopped onions.
1 tbs of palm oil.
¾ cup of casava flour.
1 pinch of sea salt.

Add butter to hot frying pan. Add onions. Let onions simmer and soften in pan. Add palm oil. Add cassava flour and stir. Add salt. Serve hot with fish muqueca.

Roxanne thanks you all for coming tonight. She's enjoyed having you here. I hope you’re feeling a bit warmer now after spending an evening on Ipanema beach. I hope you enjoyed tonight’s setting, the caipirinhas, the fish muqueca and the titillating discussion of one another's most memorable, sexy sun sign experiences -

Tomorrow, the dish is a meat entrée and our hostess is multi-talented Kirsten Monroe. Kirsten flashed me her vibrant, paprika-painted toe nails as a hint of what's on the menu - we're all headed to the Mojave Desert for a Moroccan-style dining experience, complete with big pillows and a tent. Oh, and there's more too...cocktails and skinny dipping in the hot springs before dinner....I can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

I love fish, I love summer, and I love bright colors (and thus am exclaiming over your lovely table settings)!! What a beautiful setting -- and holy beautiful picture (the first one) of said setting! I love that.

Okay, let's seems I have often not asked people what their sun sign has been, so no sexual escapade concerning them is coming to me off the top of my head (I know, it seems quite scandalous in present company doesn't it?! ;) ). Hmmm.

I can say that Mr. Emerald and I are both Tauruses (Tauri?). Not only that, but our birthdays are right beside each other (and three years apart). So I think I would actually say, in answer to Roxanne's question, that the most exciting sexual zodiac sun sign experience I have had may have been last year, being with my fellow Taurus partner at the exact moment that it changed from my birthday to his. :) We happened to be still having chocolate shakes at a 1950s-style diner at the time, but sex came along shortly after we got back to my place. ;)

Does that count (lol)?

Thanks Neve -- this is really beautiful!! (Ha, my spam word is -- no kidding -- "belly"!)

Craig Sorensen said...

The Samba?

The uber-sexy Astrud?

The uber-smooth Stan?

You had me hooked straight away, Neve. I didn’t even scratch my head once. I just shifted in my seat, enjoyed the musical performance and took my cocktail in my hand.

Roxanne sealed the deal when she served me swordfish. Have I mentioned that I love swordfish, and this preparation, with its coriander garnish, is outstanding.

I must admit I’m not an expert on the Zodiac. My lady is a Virgo, I’m a Cancer, don’t know what that says about us, but I know my finest trysts have been with her.

I vow to delve deeper into the Zodiac, but right now I’m having another drink and another listen to Astrud and Stan.


Nikki Magennis said...

I vote lime for king of the fruits! The sour-green taste is just twisted sublime - and I love capineiras, although I can't spell them!

This looks amazing, Neve. I make a shrimp and aubergine (eggplant) curry on similar lines, but I'll need to try and hook a good meaty fish and try this one.

Starsigns ... hmm ... I have met my astrological twin - born same day, same year. But it wasn't a sex thing, so I don't know if that counts!

And actually, I think I prefer my Chinese zodiac sign - because I am a metal fire dragon which means I get to Rooooar!

Thanks so much for the beautiful setting, wonderful food and delicious rum, Neve! I could stay here all night!

I'm curious too - have you spent time in South America? It's a place I'd love to visit.

Neve Black said...

Hi Emerald,
Thank you. How nice of you to say. Both Roxanne wanted everyone to feel warm and comfortable, especially after the beating of snow we took back home yesterday.

Hmmm...a double Taurus. Whoa! Bulls are known for their love of food and they're deeply sensual. I'm sure you and your husband have lots of fun in your kitchen, eh?

Neve Black said...

Hi Craig,
I'm sure as a Cancer, H20 sign you feel very comfortable sitting on the sand and up close and personal with the ocean. I knew you'd love the music choice. I think you and I have had a conversation about the Bossa Nova in blogland.

Cancer and a Virgo. H20 and Earth. I think this is an excellent combination. Cancers are sensitive and deeply emotional. Virgos have their feet firmly planted in the ground; offering anchors to help ground H20 signs. It's a good balance.

I'm glad you're enjoying the samba beat, the fresh swordfish and the cocktails.

Thank you for making it down here. I know it's a journey, but I bet you feel warmer now, huh?

Craig Sorensen said...

Thanks Neve!

A good balance. Yes, I'd say that describes us beautifully. I believe we did talk Bossa Nova before. You have some great taste in music, and in food, and in winter locales!

I'm feeling a bit welly, which is, coincidentally my verification word!

Neve Black said...

Hi Nikki,
We did just celebrate the Chinese New Year on Monday and knowing you're a metal fire dragon is cool with me. Oh, and Roxanne is cool with that too. :-)

The caipirinhas (I have to check the spelling everytime) are so sexy and simple. I think that's why I like them so much.

No, I haven't ventured to South America. I've traveled into Mexico, to include Central Mexico, but South America: Argentina, Brazil and Chile are on the list. Maybe next year.

I seriously think some of us in blogland should plan a trip somewhere exotic and meet. Are you in?

Neve Black said...

Hi again Craig,
I think we talked samba,because the Bossa Nova celebrated its 50th annivesary last year.

Thank you for those nice compliments. Those are my sentiments for you too. I'm sure I'd get along quite well with your wife. I'm also a H20 sign and have lots of earth signs in my life. They do keep us grounded.

Gina Marie said...

Hi Neve! Such beauty, such warmth -- and that fish! What an amazing treat this is.

I'm not an expert on the signs either but I'm a Leo and I just love to have fun. Roar! One of my favorite experiences (before the gremlins came along and I could get away with such things) -- was when I hauled a plastic kiddie pool into the living room in front of the fire place and filled it with warm oil. Beachy fun in February. That was a Valentine's Day to remember!

Thanks Neve -- I'm sure enjoying a day in the sun -- everything certainly is picture perfect!

Marina said...

Hi Neve and Roxanne - this is wonderful, such a welcome change from the snow! Thanks!

The setting is gorgeous, and the caipirinhas and the music by Tom Jobim are perfect! The muqueca is superb! And, thanks especially for the seating arrangements - - I've been enjoying the dinner companion to my right quite a bit. Would you mind terribly if we wandered off later and took a walk down the beach,so that I could enjoy him some more??? I'll be sure to find out his sign....

As to past encounters - hmmm. I'm an Aries. My birthday is actually April 1. (April Fool's Day! I don't know if that's significant or not!) The most interesting, most sexually compelling relationship I've had was with a Capricorn. So, as a couple, we were a ram and a goat - is that allowed? (It sounds like something that Alison would say we're not allowed to write about!)

Thanks again - it's so beautiful and warm here, I may stay a while!

Jeremy Edwards said...


Er, sorry 'bout that ... but I adore the bossa, Astrud, et al. And the vibes—oh, yes, the vibes! Sexiest. Instrument. Ever. (To me.) It suggests aural tickles, womanly giggles, feminine tinkling sounds heard through bathroom doors ...

Ahem. Right, we were talking about vibraphones, yes? I wonder if that's a young Gary Burton—I know he played on some of the Getz/Gilberto stuff.

[Psst! I have a story coming out soon called "Vi's Velvet Vibes."]

Neve, this is all so gorgeous! Like this, for example:

The full, saffron-yellow moon is so close that you could pluck it from the sky like a ripened canteloupe.

I believe I can!

Roxanne and I are happy to see everyone dressed casually – wearing your sundresses, shorts and tee-shirts, because we’ll be dining outside tonight on the beach of Ipanema.

Uh-oh—I'm supposed to be dressed?

Flamingo pink, tangerine orange, crimson red, banana yellow, and parrot green are the explosive colors of the ceramic chargers and bowls at each place setting. White linen napkins sit patiently in pedestal water glasses, and look like fans waving hello.

What a beautiful table of words you've (ahem) laid! Don't mind me if I return the wave of the sweet, friendly napkins and parrot back all the stunning color names.

And I'm very impressed with the rhyming spamwords! But really, I think our spamword should be swordfish, don't you?

[Exits toward bar on "Groucho" walk, wagging bubblegum cigar and other waggables.]

Erobintica said...

Warm and sultry - ocean sounds - sexy music - colorful decorations - oooo, and a caipirinha - I love anything with limes! - and the fish dish has some of my favorite ingredients too. This is so delightful!

And I didn't even have to chip the ice off my driveway to get here.

*Settles down on the warm sand in her fishnet bikini (rather than jeans and a heavy sweater)*

As for memorable sexual zodiac sun sign experience? Well, that would be with Mr. Erobintica, a Leo (I'm a Capricorn). Honestly never knew when any of the previous experience's birthdays were. Would be interesting to know though. ;-)

And then there's the whole "cusp" thing, and a lot of other factors. It's all quite fascinating. It will be fun to read this book.

Never been to South America. Baja was the farthest south I've been.

Neve Black said...

Hi Kirsten,
I just came back from a nice run on the beach and what do you know...? I found someone to braid and bead my hair with moons and stars.

I love the fact (and I can so see that Leo lion doing it) that you had a kiddie pool filled with oil to celebrate Valentine's Day. I think that roars with fun. ;-)

Neve Black said...

Hi Marina,
Please, grab a cocktail and take a stroll on the beach with your new dinner companion. It's gorgeous here.

Aries are fire signs and truly enjoy finding new and exciting adventures. A ram with a goat? Hmmm....Earth with that mixing metaphors? I consulted Roxanne on this sexy combination and she say's, "Chemistry is chemistry regardless of elements or animals." :-)

Enjoy your walk on the beach fire girl!!

Sommer Marsden said...

sorry that I missed the soup course yesterday. the bouncers wouldn't let me in.

lovely setting Neve and Roxanne. And i love the lovely drink (but that is a no brainer, no?). Can't wait to try this recipe with the man one night. We have fish eating frenzies when the girl child is off on sleepvers for she is allergic.

is fish an aphrodisiac? i think it is. then again, with us, what isn't! :)

I don't know quite how to address the zodiac discussion other than I just (as in two weeks ago) figured out that the man and I were both fire signs. I am a Sag and he is an Aries. For some reason I thought he was water! duh. but that explains how we can be bickering one moment and fucking the next. locked together and mumuring. fire with fire. What could be hotter?


Donna said...

A day in the sun, the hypnotic sound of the waves and now evening has come with that fat, golden moon making me think melon-y thoughts. I am totally entranced--not to mention I just have to get myself one of those white bow headbands.

The perfect cocktail, some spicy fresh fish finished with coconut milk, mmmm. I love how that recipe can be so accommodating of many different the way, what is "shrimp stalk"?

Oh, I am happy here and of course the lubrication is getting me chatty again. I'm no expert like Roxanne, but I generally know the astrological signs of my partners.

My husband's anyway, lol. Mr. Donna is a Libra, balanced and pleasure-loving. He has this lovely lunar glow about him, especially in bed.

Past involvements include a fellow Capricorn in college--we seemed to share the same brain until he decided I didn't have well-defined goals and dumped me. Although he came crawling back later to confess "I was the best." At least he had the sense to see that, lol.

Then there was the Leo, and yes, Kirsten, I recognize that roaring desire for fun and experimentation. I wouldn't be the erotica writer I am today without him.

Have to go put on breakfast now, but I'll be back with my bow for another caipirinhas (I had to check the spelling, too).

Neve Black said...

Oh Jeremy, I'm so glad you could make it and I'm glad you're enjoying the music. You're too kind to quote my

Where's Helia? Didn't I see her earlier on the beach?

Neve Black said...

Hi Robin,
Welcome. I love your bikini. You look amazing in it too!

Capricorn (earth sign) with a Leo (fire sign). Roxanne finds this all so fascinating. Obviously, there's more to a person than just their sun sign...I mean come on! There's other cosmic forces that influence us too. If it's working, good for you!

As far as the cusp signs go, that's the sequel, and another 12 signs for Roxanne to experience sexually. Maybe next year, she's still recovering.

I'm so glad you could make it down here. Thank you.

Neve Black said...

Hi Sommer!
Thanks for coming...but now that I know your man is an Aries and we all know you're the firecracker Sag, girl, it's no wonder your sex life is so sponteneous and combustible! Fire and fire. If you can't stand the heat, it's best to move right into the bedroom. :-)

Yes, I think fish is an aphrodisiac. If you do decide to try this super easy recipe, let me know...hell, let us all know how it turns out...before, during and after dinner.

Oh, I almost forgot, I did pick up some Brazilian wine just for you, because I didn't know if you like rum.

Nikki Magennis said...

Jeremy, you crack me up!

Here is a band I lvoe, nouvelle vague - punk songs done to a bossa nova beat.

And Neve - yes, I'm up for the International Smut Writers' Conference - I always thought Iceland was a good choice!

Sommer Marsden said...

I like alcohol. period. *grin*
except for Southern Comfort and Whiskey. ARe they the same thing? Whatever. Do not give me those. But I will take the lovely wine.

Am emailing the fish recipe to the Aries as we speak. He is a fish whore. Slut? Gigilo? He loves fish. :)
p.s. I would like paprika painted toenails too. where can i get the polish? ;)

Gina Marie said...

Hey -- Mr. Monroe is a Libra also!

Oh Neve, the swordfish is divine and the rum has me all giddy....giddier I should say. I'm always a little giddy.

Spamword: samin -- thanks, but this swordfish is to die for!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I would like paprika painted toenails too. where can i get the polish?

Paprika's not Polish, it's Hungarian.


Spaword: pantanti! A pan-fried tangerine, served in panties?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Where's Helia? Didn't I see her earlier on the beach?

Yes, that was her morning beach run. Unfortunately, after running, she had to run off to work. But I'm sure she'll be dropping in later to help us run through the rum!

Neve Black said...

Hi Donna,
I found a site to make homemade shrimp stalk. I think you can use clam juice (no pun intended), but the shrimp stalk is supposed to be much better. Made from love and scratch is always better though...Hello? Look I'm posing the question to, the queenn of culinary art - Here's the link:

We celebrated your birthday on New Year's Eve, so I knew you were a Capricorn. I also knew that Mr. Donna was a Libra. You also mentioned somewhere else out here in blogland that your moon is Libra and Mr. Donna's moon is Capricorn, right? You share the other's moons. Well, God I hope so anyway. LOL. :-)

Both Roxanne and I love hearing all about your past zodiac lovers too, D. The Capricorn that realized later that he let a sexy goat sorry, too late. The firey Leo that has inspired stories. Interesting. Interesting.

Roxanne is smiling from ear to ear!

Yes, please come back later for more cocktails and of course, there's plenty of fish.

Shanna Germain said...

Mmmm... yum....

See that chair on the porch, with the blonde in it? All comfy and cash and relaxed? That's me. Yes it is. I'm never ever every leaving...

-sighs and leans back, putting her bare feet up on the cushions-

Donna said...

Anyway, I'm back to chat some more. Thanks for the recipe--I do prefer the taste of loving homemade ingredients.

Now, Jeremy, you didn't tell us your sign! You may not believe in it, but it can't hurt to get Roxanne's input into the most compatible sexual position or whatever. As erotica writers, our research never stops.

And Emerald is that so wonderfully romantic you were drinking a chocolate shake back in the 1950s as one birthday segged into the next. It does seem fated, doesn't it?

Entranced by the vision of Nikki as a roaring metal fire dragon, I had to google 1961--Barack Obama's birth year. We're metal oxes (bang, bang or should I say moo, moo?). Especially sturdy, I would assume. Our sign represents achievement through hard work, too.

I'm looking forward to that cusp sequel when Roxanne is recovered!

Neve Black said...

...I'm sorry, I had to run down to the beach to see what all the commotion was about. Hmmmm...I know Ipanema is a nude beach, but it appears there are quite a number of dental floss wearing ladies that have taken a liking to our Jeremy. Oh, and there's Robin in her crochet bikini...the Brazilian men are fawning all over her.

Anyway, for everyone that's inquired about the paprika-painted nails, Kirsten has graciously hired a manicurist to board the plane ride from here to the Mojave. We'll all have matching sweet, pepper, spicy colored toes.

Neve Black said...

Iceland? I think I liked it better when you were intrigued with S.America. :-)

Regardless, I'm starting a list of travel bloggers. I'm glad you're in.

Neve Black said...

Hi Shanna,
Yes, I can see you on that comfy chair. Do you need a caipirinah?

Erobintica said...

I am going to have such jet lag - flying back and forth between this lovely beach and my bleeping driveway (why waste perfectly good words that mean something pleasant when talking about chipping ice).

Oh good - there is a lovely caipirinha waiting for me. It's so nice to be back in my bikini and out of my spikes (on my boots that is). Let the fawning resume! I may not leave again. ;-)

And I am so glad tomorrow's feast is also in a warm clime.

My spam word is again perfect - heaters!

*cue Twilight Zone theme

Neve Black said...

Hi Donna,
Yes, I noticed Jeremy didn't want to give it up...his zodiac sign that is. No worries. Helia will be stopping by soon and she will surely share this information with us.

I concur Emerald's love for sex and chocolate not only illuminates her desire for eroticism, but also ocnfirms her Taurean nature: Bulls love food and sensual, sexuality.

Nikki's mention of her Chinese sign, Dragon has evoked a whole new topic: Donna, a Capricorn and an Ox, boy on want you on my side. You're a tough cookie, that bakes cookies too. Steadfast and strong. Both Roxanne and I are Tigers.

Isabel Kerr said...

You all are too wonderful.

*loses herself in 'aqua de beber'*


Gina Marie said...

Hi Shanna! I just passed you on my beach cycle! You certainly look relaxed up there on the porch.

Chinese signs! I'm an earth monkey. I hope this is a good thing!

Loving these pretty toes. Time for a massage and more rum - and then some dancing???

spamword: antoging -- yes, I'm feeling younger by the second!

Erobintica said...

just checking the comments but my spamword insists I post something

- focksit -

I think I will...

Marina said...

Umm - hi all - how's the party going? My dinner friend (that stunning gentleman who was sitting to the right of me) and I are back. We were just - ummm - taking a walk on the beach....

(Geez - sex on the beach - I actually find it sort of annoying. All of that sand getting up in awkward places! Neve, do you mind if we use your shower?)

We'll freshen up a bit and be right back for more caipirinahs.

Roxanne - he's a Taurus, I'm an Aries. What does that mean? (Other than the fact that I've already found out that he's hung like a bull....)

Neve Black said...

...tall and tan and young and lovely the girl from Ipanema goes walking and... Oh sorry, I was Bossa Neve Nova-ing.

Who else but a crochet bikini wearing, erotic writer would have spikes on her boots? Brava! I just ordered more rum, so please you're so not going anywhere.

Hi Isabel,
I'm so glad you could find a flight out of Italy and join us. Sun sign? Chinese sign? Come on, fuss up, bella. :-)

I just knew I could count on you for dancing. A Leo that is also a monkey...? It all makes perfect sense now. Hey, there's no right or wrong, just mental notes and a little cosmic insight to one another. I did remember to pack my dancing shoes. Shall we Tango, or hang here and Samba?

BadAssKona said...

Scorpio, here, and my stinger is now poised. I'm thinking I'll just turn up the heat and make my apartment into a Brazilian beach with a little Micheal Franks ("Barefoot on the Beach") in the background. Gonna light some candles, put on my apron and make some fish stew!

Anonymous said...

"Chemistry is chemistry regardless of elements or animals."

Beautiful! Roxanne must have discovered this when she herself went through all of them. ;)

"my bleeping driveway (why waste perfectly good words that mean something pleasant when talking about chipping ice)"

Just wanted to say that made me laugh out loud. :)

(Neve -- As deceiving as his blog name may be, Mr. Emerald and I are not actually married to each other. :) ) Mr. Emerald does love to cook, just as I do, so we have indeed quite enjoyed being in the kitchen!! And we also both love chocolate. ;)

Wow this environment is gorgeous. I have been struck by it every time I look around!

Donna said...

Hey, Neve, one of my (not really so secret vices) is that I'm a multi-season couch potato veteran of "Dancing with the Stars." The tango and samba are both really challenging. Can some of us beginners just try salsa dancing?

Or maybe just another one of those really yummy piranhas with caps on them....

I'm hoping that Jeremy puts it out there so we get his stars in line!

Neve Black said...

There's certainly a lot of fire with earth present here today. Interesting. Nice to hear your bulll is hung like one.

Another scorpio with stinger is present. You know, you're supposed to rise above all that and soar like an eagle, right? Glad you could make it. Welcome. Welcome.

Hi Donna,
I'm game for any kind of dancing. Let's go!! No word from Helia yet with our Jeremy's sun digits. See, Scorpios and Capricorns are eager beavers (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Jeremy Edwards said...

[Returns from beach covered in "dental floss." Cracks up at everyone's hilarious comments.]

So, I'm a Libra. In fact, though I'll never know for sure, I think it's likely I was conceived in the aftermath of a New Year's Eve party held the day Donna was born—same year and everything! (I think that makes us "kissing cousins" or something.)

Gina Marie said...

Way to go Jeremy -- flossing is so important, even on vacation!! Another glowing Libra. Very interesting. There's the New Year's baby and then there'

Eager beavers! No joke Neve -- just now I was listening to my favorite Primus song:

I'm going to dance all night long!!! Uh oh, my spamword is "hyper"

Erobintica said...

Think I'll have another caipirinha (when I can't spell it any longer, cut me off).

My Chinese sign is a rooster - and I'm a yin fire. For many years I thought I was a dog, but since my birthday falls before Chinese New Year, I'm actually the year before (this gets so confusing and people give me gifts with the wrong sign). I had to wiki for the ... sexagenary cycle to find out when Chinese New Year fell the year I was born.

Someone crank up the music!

Donna said...

There must absolutely be an official word for that relationship--someone conceived on the day you were born.

We're fiction writers--shall put that on the list of projects? Or just swig another cocktail and see what we come up with?

Spam word--singsone (sings all)

Neve Black said...

Hi again everyone,
I think my head is beginning to spin. Too much rum, too much sun, dancing with Donna and Kirsten on the dinner table...learning that Jeremy is a Libra...and now... the relations of conjunction conception?

Ah, what the hell! Who knows when we'll all be in Brazil again. Bartender, oops, that's me. I'll have another caip-IR-irinAH! Yep. I'm drunk on canteloupe moons, dental floss and all of your delightful conversations.

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love dancing!!! And now Donna has us singing too!

Great party, Neve!! ;) Thanks for inviting us all down here!

Neve Black said...

Both Roxanne and want to thank everyone once again for taking part in our fish feast samba.

I enjoyed the break from the cold the food, the drinks (hiccup) and of course spending an evening with each of you. Roxanned gained a lot of cosmic insight too.

Have a safe trip back to the U.S. I'll see you all at Kirsten's Moroccon-style dinner party tomorrow night. Don't forget, swimsuits are optional at the pre-dinner hot spring cocktail hour! Yowza!!

Helia Brookes said...

{runs up panting} Hey guys, any of those "piranhas with caps" left?!? (love it, Donna!) I ran all the way here from work--it's about 5,000 miles--so I definitely feel entitled to a drink or three!

Wow, this is lovely--I notice it's still just dusk, just the right temperature, just the right company. Thanks, Neve!

I'm a Sagittarius too, so bring on the fire!

EllaRegina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EllaRegina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EllaRegina said...

Who knows when we'll all be in Brazil again.

Actually, I'll be taking you there in a few days. You just didn't know it! :-)

Thank you for the glorious fish feast on the beach and the fabulous accoutrements, both audio and visual. I cannot take much sun so I was the figure off to the side, draped in a black burqa, holding an oversized umbrella. Try drinking a caipirinha in that get-up. It ain't easy, let me tell you.

“What's been your most memorable sexual zodiac sun sign experience?"

Well I have had the singular (dis)pleasure of about a half dozen unrequited love cases, all with men sharing the same zodiac sign, the one next to mine, as it happens. I don't know what it means, other than it's no fun at all, each and every time. (And no, I'm not giving either up. I'm in the Zodiac Sign Witness Protection Program).

I'm eating the rest of the sky now. I love ripe canteloupe.

Thanks again for the trip!

Verification word: eysol (el sol?)

Isabel Kerr said...

This is such a fabulous party! All of them have been though, my head is spinning!

Cap, and Snake I think Neve, thanks for askin'!

Wonderful party, I'm groovin on the bossa over there on that chair with Shanna in between dances. Just lovely. Thanks for havin me.

Gina Marie said...

Back to Brazil with EllaRegina! Ooh la-la!

Neve, thank you for such a fabulous day. I think I'll dance a couple more sambas before hopping on my horse and heading north.


Neve Black said...

You made it! Yeah. Good Lord, yes, there's always more rum available.

Oooh, you temptress. Back to Brazil in a couple of days, eh...? So, you're attracting and attracted to the same sun sign, huh? That's interesting.

Thanks for sharing both zodiac and Chinese signs to us.

I can't wait for your party tomorrow!

spam word: micings. I micings you already, Brazil! Slurred speech...too many caipirinahs. :-)