Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Incentives: Nipple clamps, riding crops, cat o' nine tails....

Today is the last day of April, and once again, I’m asking myself, “Holy shit, we’re nearly half way through the year already!” I’m a little dumb founded at how fast the year is flying by; crazy, fast.

Realizing that we’re moving into the month of May, it made be go back and self-evaluate the goals I’d set for myself just a few short months ago in January; benchmarking if I’m on target to where I should be, or where I’d like to be.

How many of you do that? Do you write out your goals and then periodically glance at them throughout the year? Do you check and balance yourself against where you are today compared to where you said you’d be months ago? Are you headed in the right direction, or have you completely broken away from your original dream, and found yourself on a path leading you far, far away from the goal you had set?

I try and set realistic goals for myself each year. I give myself some breathing room when setting the time limits for the goals and then I reward myself heavily with lots of treats whenever I reach a milestone: New vibrator that I’ve had my eye on for months, platinum nipple clamps, or an embossed and initialed, leather riding crop (see above) are just a few of the items on my wish list that help guide me; propelling toward reaching my set goals.

I realize this topic makes me sound really anal retentive; writing out short and long term goals; checking back to see if I’ve achieved them; rewarding myself for reaching them, etc, etc…. I guess I am somewhat anal…at times, but if I don’t write things down and create a clear picture of what I want, then I’m a truly a mess. I am ship at sea without a compass; a whore on the city streets without a pimp. You see, goals set me straight.

I am not always right on target with my goals. Nope, I haven’t won a Pulitzer Prize yet for penning porn, if there is such a thing. However, I do feel that I’m on the right path; burning my own trail, which is a goal in of itself for me, so hey, you know what that means don’t cha’? It’s treat time, boys and girls (wink, wink).

p.s. I completely understand if you’re as ga-ga over the riding crop pictured above as I am. You can have your initials put on it with Swarovski crystal letters. Hmmm…yum, yum, yum.

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