Saturday, January 31, 2009

Donna George Storey is an Amorous Woman....

As we continue our erotic on-line sensual feast, we head over to Donna George Storey's for a healthy, vegetarian dish. Donna loves to cook and it's my understanding, she's quite good at it too. As a treat for all of us, I have a feeling Donna may have invited her friend Lydia, (trailer below)

from the pages of Donna's book, Amorous Woman to help prepare today's culinary masterpiece that will not only ignite sexual energy, but will also be packed full of sensual Japanese flavors.

Amorous and hungry,
Neve Black

Friday, January 30, 2009

Kirsten Monroe Knows Something...

about meat.... Today's smorgasbord has been prepared by our sensuous hostess, Kirsten Monroe. We're headed to the Mojave Desert for a Morrocan-style dinner, served under a big tent. I know Kirsten has been working hard on her hunk, a hunk of smoking, savory, slab of juicy, melt in your mouth, not in your hand, boneless mmmeat.

Whew. It's hot in here,
Neve Black

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Roxanne's Brazilian Beach Bungalow

No, it's not your imagination. Yes, it’s late January, and you really are feeling the warm and balmy glow from the day’s radiating, Rio de Janeiro (River of January) summer sun. Roxanne is going to be your hostess tonight, mostly because she could really use a break after romping her way through each zodiac sun sign. She loves warm, sunny beaches, so it was her idea to have us all head to Brazil for fresh fish.

Take a deep breath and smell the clean, tantalizing South Atlantic breeze as it moves across your dewy skin. The sky is clear and bright, and the stars above sparkle like diamonds. The full, saffron-yellow moon is so close that you could pluck it from the sky like a ripened canteloupe.

Roxanne and I are happy to see everyone dressed casually – wearing your sundresses, shorts and tee-shirts, because we’ll be dining outside tonight on the beach of Ipanema.

Yes, by all means, remove your sandals and flip-flops and wriggle your naked toes in the warm and delicious sand. Along with the sound of waves running onto the shore, the sexy rhythmic music you hear is the Bossa Nova and that’s the rich, distinctive voice of Astrud Gilberto (an Aries sun sign) and Stan Getz (an Aquarius sun sign) is on saxophone.

As you scratch your head trying to figure out why I'm sharing our musical entertainment's zodiac sun signs with you, be patient, you'll know soon enough. In the meantime, please try a Brazilian rum cocktail called a caipirinha. One of these will surely get you into a sultry, samba, kind of mood.

2 tablespoons sugar
juice of 2 limes, rinds reserved
1 cup cachaça or white rum

Add one cup crushed ice in a cocktail shaker; combine the sugar, lime juice, cachaça, and crushed ice. Shake well. Cut the rinds into pieces and divide among four (8-ounce) glasses. Pour the caipirinhas over the rinds, stir and serve.

The double French doors in the living area lead to a covered porch and then outside onto the wooden deck. There you’ll find tiki torches lighting your way down the stairs and onto the beach. This is where our beautiful, white linen covered dinner table awaits us.

Flamingo pink, tangerine orange, crimson red, banana yellow, and parrot green are the explosive colors of the ceramic chargers and bowls at each place setting. White linen napkins sit patiently in pedestal water glasses, and look like fans waving hello. Two, large, hurricane candle holders sit on each side of the freshly cut exotic flower centerpiece.

You’ll notice Roxanne has set out place cards for everyone. And you're probably sitting next to someone you don’t know very well. No worries. She's purposely planned things that way because tonight's discussion question is:

“What's been your most memorable sexual zodiac sun sign experience? Please be prepared to elaborate with the person next to you."

While you’re all sharing your most intimate detailed astrological tryst (s) Roxanne would like to serve her succulent, fish dish now. Sticking with the theme of Brazil, she's prepared an authentic Brazilian dish called fish muqueca.

Even though we’re dining in Brazil tonight, fish muqueca served with its traditional farofa is a hearty and delicious fish stew that is easy for you to prepare at home anytime:

Start by selecting a meatier type of fish, like monk, red snapper, or swordfish.
Roxanne chose swordfish for tonight’s muqueca because it was the catch of the day.

Cut fresh fish into large bite-size pieces
6 red tomatoes (diced into small pieces)
1 onion (sliced)
1 red pepper (sliced)
1 red chili with seeds (chopped)
1 bunch of fresh coriander (chopped)
1 clove of fresh garlic (chopped)
2 tbs of tomato puree
1/4 cup shrimp stalk
½ cup of coconut milk
1 tbs of palm oil
2 tbs of olive oil

Heat a large size pan and add the olive oil. Add onions and let them sweat in the oil for about a minute. Add the fresh garlic. Add red chili with seeds. Add red peppers. Add tomatoes. Stir ingredients gently. Add shrimp stalk. Add tomato puree. Let simmer for about 10 minutes until ingredients start to soften. Add fish. Let fish cook in ingredients for about 5-6 minutes. Add coconut milk. Stir ingredients. Add palm oil. Stir. Garnish with coriander. Serve hot with yellow farofa.

Ingredients for yellow farofa:
4 tbs of butter
½ cup chopped onions.
1 tbs of palm oil.
¾ cup of casava flour.
1 pinch of sea salt.

Add butter to hot frying pan. Add onions. Let onions simmer and soften in pan. Add palm oil. Add cassava flour and stir. Add salt. Serve hot with fish muqueca.

Roxanne thanks you all for coming tonight. She's enjoyed having you here. I hope you’re feeling a bit warmer now after spending an evening on Ipanema beach. I hope you enjoyed tonight’s setting, the caipirinhas, the fish muqueca and the titillating discussion of one another's most memorable, sexy sun sign experiences -

Tomorrow, the dish is a meat entrée and our hostess is multi-talented Kirsten Monroe. Kirsten flashed me her vibrant, paprika-painted toe nails as a hint of what's on the menu - we're all headed to the Mojave Desert for a Moroccan-style dining experience, complete with big pillows and a tent. Oh, and there's more too...cocktails and skinny dipping in the hot springs before dinner....I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jeremy Edwards and Helia Brookes...

double the pleasure with their sensual and sensational soup du jour of erotic delight. Jeremy and Helia like it hot and spicy, and I have a feeling there soup dish will not only be hearty and filling, but mouth watering, spine tingling and sexy-savory deee-licious!

Soup spoon prepared,
Neve Black

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Talk Show

I had mentioned last week that I was going on a mini book tour to promote Roxanne, the sexy Scorpion and heroine in my book, Sex through the Zodiac. Last Saturday night, my first stop was The Literary Cafe's talk show, where Mr. Richard (Dick) Trainer and his co-host, Eric Alleman both conducted the interview. Once the videotape has been prepared and I fully review the material; making sure it isn't, I'll link the interview from here.

Unscathed talk show guest survivor,
Neve Black

Monday, January 26, 2009

Shanna Germain is Appetizing

The sensual feast continues with Shanna Germain and her sumptuous, erotic appetizers. I'm sure she's whipped up something magnificant for all of us. Shanna knows how to stimulate all those erotic juices.

Feeling stimulated,
Neve Black

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Amuse-Bouche with Craig Sorensen

The sensual spread of cornucopia has officially begun. Please join Craig Sorensen as he teases our palates with amuse-bouche: a small bite...a little taste...just a nibble...of amusement for your mouth....

Licking my fingers,
Neve Black

Friday, January 23, 2009

Roxanne's Debut

You can read all about Roxanne's zodiac sexcapades via e-book on Ravenous Romance's website today! Of course her creator is thrilled about sharing Roxanne's New Year's resolution with each of you - to have sex with every zodiac sun sign in one year. Let's just say Roxanne exceeded her creators expectations.

Enjoy and tell two friends -
Neve Black

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sex through the Zodiac

is scheduled to be published on Friday, January 23rd with Ravenous Romance. For some of you that don't recall, or are new to my blog, I pitched my story idea to Lori Perkins from Ravenous late October of last year. She liked it. I was on cloud nine. I had a deadline. I went into shock. And then I wrote a rather large amount of words in a rather short amount of time. Sex through the Zodiac is twelve interlinking stories of one woman's New Year's resolution to have sex with each sun sign in one year. And because of the story's length (just under 50K), it's considered a novel.

I'm going on a mini tour with Sex through the Zodiac: first stop is The Literary Cafe on Saturday night. I'm being interviewed by none other than Richard Trainer. Dick is known for his crass and crazy interviewing antics. Mr. Trainer has mentioned to me that he's a little intimidated by the fact that I write erotica. I'm intimidated by his mustache. It should be fun. I will link the videotaped episode at a later date for all to watch and listen in proper voyeur form.

Next stop will be a reading at Visible Voice bookstore on February 14th. I'm in tandem at this event with my friend Brian Pierce, who just happens to be a phenomenal erotic artist. Staying with the voyeur theme, customers can view Brian's work, while listening to me read. I think it's a brilliant way for singles, couples, or menage a many to enjoy lover's day.

I'm an urban dweller. I like to shake things up in the burbs when I can. Thus, my plan to read at River Gallery, which is located in the conservative west side suburb of Rocky River. Ara, the gallery owner is organizing other erotic artists to display their work while I read for an evening. There hasn't been an official date set yet, but I'll keep everyone posted when that occurs.

Thank you for your constant support. I appreciate your thoughts, your time and your love of eroticism.

Zodiac sun sign - Scorpio
Neve Black

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Sensual Feast

"Come join us for a sensual feast to celebrate the new year of hope, promise, and delicious pleasures of every flavor. Each day a new erotica-writing blogger will be your host for one sumptuous course, providing recipes, entertainment and scintillating discussion topics. Best of all, dinners ala blog are known to expand your mind, but not your waistline. The festivities begin on Sunday, January 25. Come to one, come to all—you deserve a little indulgence!"
Donna George Storey

Below is the on-line progressive dinner schedule showing each day, each host/hostess and their attached links. Beginning on Sunday, January 25th through Wednesday, February 4th, I will be linking each host/hostess' from my blog. Make sure to bring your erotic appetite and perhaps a doggie bag as you journey through this very exciting, sensual and dee-lic-ious experience:

Sunday January 25--Amuse-bouche
Host: Craig Sorensen

Monday January 26—Appetizer
Host: Shanna Germain

Wednesday January 28--Soup
Hosts: Helia Brookes and Jeremy Edwards

Thursday January 29—Fish
Host: Neve Black

Friday January 30--Meat Entrée
Host: Kirsten Monroe

Saturday, January 31--Vegetarian entrée
Host: Donna George Storey

Monday, February 2--Salad
Host: Emerald

Tuesday, February 3—Dessert
Host: Sommer Marsden

Wednesday, February 4--Petit Fours and truffles
Host: Nikki Magennis

Bon Appetit

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Peanut Butter & Penguins

In these tough economic times during the cold, snowy weather, it's important that I look for slices of sunshine wherever I can. I think I suffer from SAD: winter depression. I've learned this about myself afer living here in Cleveland, Ohio through the brutal winters. You see, I don't care too much for snow coming right to my doorstep. For me, snow at my doorstep means my skiis are on and I'm a few slips and slides away to the closest chair lift. Or, I'm dusting snow off the 500 year-old stone steps of my winter chalet in Switzerland (insert delusions of grandeur).

Onto searching for rays of sunshine: I love peanut butter. I also have quite a thing for penguins. I learned today both are nearing extinction. Suddenly, there's a stormy dark, rain cloud hovering over my sunny peanut butter and black tie disposition.

The FDA has sent out a warning to everyone not to eat, breath, taste, open, look or smell anything that has peanut butter in it, until the extent of the salmonella breakout has been determined. Yuck! Wouldn't you know it, I'm currently out of peanut butter at my house. I run out of the creamy, dreamy, nutty stuff quite a lot, because I put it on nearly everything: bananas, apples, sandwiches and the tips of my fingers. Yum!

A formal affair with pizazz, aka: Northern Rockhopper penguins. This year, I wanted to send everyone on my Christmas list adoption papers for certain types of wild animal species that are currently on the extinction list, because the environment is my pet peeve. I quickly realized that my pet peeve isn't the time to excercise in gift giving, so I didn't. Today, I read that another breed of my beloved penguins are dying off. It sickens me. I know all about Mr. Darwin's evolution of species, but come on, some of these animals don't stand a chance against the pollution, over population and the overall lack of empathy for their life.

One World.

I'm sure the peanut butter ban will eventually be lifted, but what about the penguins? Please, you don't have to donate to every animal cause, like I do. Hell, I'm not asking you to adopt stray cats from the street, like I did, but please, think about what you can do each and everyday to help make our world and environment a better place. If everyone did one thing would surely make a difference.

SAD and sad,

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mercury Retrograde

I'm not sure if you're aware that the messenger planet, Mercury has been retrograde since the 11th of this month. Retrograde simply means moving backward. No, of course the planet isn't actually moving backward, but during this period, all things communicative become confusing: wires inexplicably get crossed, words are misintrepreted, computers crash and water tight contracts mysteriously get wet and fall apart. The illusion of backward motion occurs because the angle of a planet’s orbit relative to Earth’s orbit changes at certain points in their respective cycles. The current retrograde cycle lasts for about three weeks'. We'll be free of this communication breakdown cycle February 1st.

During Mercury's retrograde and the inevitable communication debacle, being retro is in, but starting something new during this time is not. Feel free to recyle, reinvent, retreat, remove, reject, revisit, redecorate, and reexamine, but for the love of God, stay away from doing anything new, or else you'll end up having to repeat, repeat, repeat what you started.

I'm obliging Mercury's retrograde by rereading a classic novel by an American Classic writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Last Tycoon. Interestingly enough, Fitzgerald's unfinished masterpiece is research for my screenplay.

Enjoy all things re until February 1st -

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to the Oscars...

In Bruges was the film I saw this week. This film was on my list of films to see prior to Colin Farrell's Golden Globe win last Sunday for best actor in a comedy. Colin has a bad boy reputation around Hollywood for excessive drinking and slipping in and out of various starlet's panties. Hmmm...who hasn't done that from time to time? He hasn't gained much respect with critics for his reputation as an actor either. Regardless of whose panties he's removed, or how much booze he's consumed, his performance in this film was excellent.

Pulp fiction meets the odd couple is one way to describe this little gem of a flick. It's dark. It's violent. It's also very well written. The humor that runs throughout the movie cleverly brightens the insipid horror of two assasin's lives; leaving a golden (globe) hue of wit and charm.

Neve gives In Bruges a thumbs up!

p.s. I had good intentions of slipping out of my own panties and into my lipstick pink Oscar gown last night - I was going to have one of my dinner guests snap a picture of me in it, so I could show all of you today. Time, conversation, music and my dear friends, salt, lime and tequila railroaded my intentions.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

There's More to Life than Oscar

God, am I obsessed with film, or what? I went back and read my recent past blog postings and for Heaven sake's, I think I might have to check myself into the Betty Ford Institute for having film OCD.

My apologies to all of you in blogland for my repetitive and geez, it appears that I'm really a snob about film watching too... Sorry.

I have done other things besides watching films: I'm very fortunate to have the precious gift of time. I choose to use that gift to create stories. My time is also being used to further conduct research on the subject I hope to one day make into a screenplay. Furthermore, in spite of blizzard conditions here in N.E. Ohio, last night I headed east (into Cleveland's snow belt) to listen to three delightful poets read their work. It was cold outside, but I felt the warmth from their souls as they each spoke of their heart-felt experiences. Miles Budimir, my friend, was one of the three poets. Miles is an amazing and gifted writer. Yes, you really are, M.

There's two Capricorn birthdays this week too. My friend Lois turns (okay, I'm not allowed to say) on Saturday, and my friend Natalie's husband, Thomas, who's also my friend and legal counsel has a birthday next Monday. I'm having a little dinner soiree to celebrate Lois' birthday at my house on Thursday night. It seems like everyone is dieting right now (must be New Year's resolutions), so I have to come up with something really fantastic that stays within the realm of rabbit food. I can't help but wonder what Donna George-Storey and Kirsten Monroe would do when faced with the conundrum of creating a masterpiece out of lettuce -

Finally, I know many of my writer friends out here in blogland deserve a big round of applause for all their efforts, and for the joy of being published. I want to offer a shout out each of them: Craig Sorensen, Heidi Champa, Kirsten Monroe, Jeremy Edwards, Sommer Marsden, Donna George-Storey, Nikki Magennis,, Alison Tyler, M.Christian, Emerald..who am I missing?

I swear I didn't meann to write a small saga here. What have you been up to besides spending time in a dark theater?

Neve Black

p.s. The Saucy Salad Bowl apron above can be purchased here via Etsy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Trouble with Tribbles

The image above is from a 1967 Star Trek episode and today's blog title. My older brother was obsessed with everything Star trek. I was obsessed with everything my brother did, because he was so much older than me and really cool. I'd scootch and wriggle my little body onto our gold couch, with its short, angular wooden legs, until I felt my back pressing against the large, square cushions and my feet were sticking straight out in front of me. I wanted to be right next to my brother and watch Star Trek too.

I remember one year, my brother convinced my two sisters and me to dress up as his favorite Star Trek characters. I think I was Lieutenant Uhura, but I can't be certain, because I was only about four years old. He also loved the Beatles. And my mom still has the pictures of all of us dressed to look like the band members of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band. Hey, what can I say, it was California and it was the 60's.

My young mind was programmed by watching Star Trek episodes - "Set your phaser on stun, gentlemen." Captain James. T. Kirk used to say after beaming down onto an unexplored planet.

Today, I refer to Star Trek episodes, or I quote lines from films as anologies in conversations. For example, when I find myself having trouble with something, like the ending to a story, or feeling perplexed by a publisher, and or I'm just feeling frustrated with things that are beyond my control, I refer to this as having trouble with tribbles. And then I head off to Yoga. If Yoga fails, which its practice rarely ever does, then I have comfort knowing my phaser stun gun is safely stashed away in my handbag - and I'm ready to do battle with the bad guys that are causing me tribble troubles, aka: Klingons.

What are some of your past experiences that you use today?

Beam me up, Scotty -

p.s. I found the original 50 minute The Trouble With Tribbles episode if you have the time or the interest.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globes

I'm not talking about a woman's pair of forever tanned and tempting ta-ta's, or kissed-from-the-California-sun, cheeks of her tight ass. I'm not referring to the glorious set of melt in your mouth, globes that hang between, "oh yes, there is a God!" a man's legs either. I'll admit, the words, Golden Globes does conjure up a certain sexual connotation and you can't help but think of those fun, loving body parts, huh? Ahhh, come on, tell me I'm wrong about that?

The Golden Globes are made up of Hollywood's Foreign Press Assoc.(HFPA). Golden Globe winners in film are generally Oscar winners too. Thus, Golden Globes are the pre-Academy Award awards. There's also the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) for cinema artists too. Yeah, I know, three award ceremonies. It's what and how they do things in Hollywood: BIG, really, really BIG. You'd think one award ceremony for the beloved world of cinema would be enough. Tsk, tsk, tsk, to me for ever thinking that would be acceptable.

Golden Globes start tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST. I may have to unhook the doo-hooky on my television and readjust the thingamajig in order to watch. Here's my prediction: Slumdog Millionaire will win. Care to wager? Maybe a chance to peek at my Golden Globes, if you show me your Oscar...? :-)

I'm ready for my close-up now, Mr. Demille -
Neve Black

p.s. Next week I'm going to share an image of my Oscar party dress with you. It's pink and perfect. It was a little more than I usually spend - $12.00, but I think it was worth every penny.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Revolutionary Road

I'm continuing my red carpet trek this week. My handsome friend Miles stopped over to my house and hooked up the watchamacallit to the thingamajiggy so I could watch movies on my old, but new to me television. I saw Burn After Reading. It had been awhile since I'd bonded with my over-stuffed, olive green, snuggly, love seat and it felt great. Thank you again, M.

Burn After Reading: I'm a huge fan of the Coen brothers. I enjoy their quirky sense of humor and their ability to capture the complete and utter insanity that can be found in almost anyone when pushed beyond emotional limitations. Like life, sometimes even good people do really stupid things and bad people, well, according the the Coen's, there seems to be little redemption, because the bad just get..worse.

The snow has been falling again, so I had to activate the 4x4 on the Neve mobile before heading across town to see Sam Mendes' film, Revolutionary Road. You might remember another film he directed a few years ago, called American Beauty. He won an Oscar for best director for that film. Revolutionary Road is a similiar in theme - exposing truths that stay safely hidden behind societal norms. It was very well acted, directed and the dialogue between the two main characters, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (Mrs. Sam Mendes) was outstanding. I found myself wanting to write some of the poignant lines down. Of course, light was not on my side and my purse, which holds the needed pen and paper was not cooperating.

Anyway, I recommend spending the moola and seeing Revolutionary Road. I also recommend renting Burn After Reading too. Both are written quite well.

Next week's films are: In Bruges at home and maybe The Wrestler or I've loved you so long on the big screen.

Oscar countdown 2009,
Neve Black

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wood Chippers and Prison Time

Recently I had posted about my desire to write a screenplay. And then I found my subject matter to write about. I knew I needed time to conduct research before making the decision to move forward and commit to writing a script.

Here's a sample dialogue with friends that have asked me how my research is coming along. I want to share these conversations with you, my blogland friends, because it really sheds light on my progress:

"Neve how's the research coming along on ___?" A curious friend will inquire.

"Pretty good, although I can't get anyone to answer my e-mail inquiries and or return my telephone calls, but, I've made some progress putting together the facts by what's already been documented historically." I respond, happy with my note gathering efforts.

"I'm surprised people aren't willing to talk to you about ____, especially once they realize you're not a reporter, but you're writing a screenplay." A usual response.

"Well, from what I've learned, there's a pretty good reason why people aren't responding." I answer, baiting the hook.

"Oh yeah? Why?" Someone will ask, while cocking their heads to one side and creasing their foreheads as curiosity turns to intrigue.

"Well, there's actually two very good reasons - #1: it appears anyone that's been involved with _____has either served time in prison, or #2: has ended up in a wood chipper. And I can't be certain, but I'm guessing the #2 reason is related to desperate times and...well, desperate measures." I finish, knowing that by disclosing this information concludes the conversation.

I've decided to press on and write the script for at least two very good reasons -
#1: I'm an ambitious girl and, #2: I'm partly insane. I'm kidding. Sort of. I do think the story should be told, but it needs to be told on the big screen. Wish me luck.

Trying to avoid wood chippers and prisons at all costs,
Neve Black

p.s. I will fill in the ____above as I feel more comfortable broadcasting the information and my life isn't in danger...I'm kidding. Sort of. :-)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fly. On. The. Wall.

I'm in awe of the fact that five living American presidents all met at the Whitehouse for a luncheon to discuss past, present and future global issues yesterday. It's simply extraodinary. According to political historians, the last time living U.S. presidents were all together for a brainstorming session was 1981 and Ronald Reagan was the incumbent.

And, yes, of course the Neve Black naughtiness can't help but wonder what they were all smiling and laughing about. Hmmm....

Whitehouse History in the making, 2009 -

Neve Black

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Roderick Jaynes

Not to belabor a topic, but I thought everyone might like to know, Neve Black's grotto is now home to a recently divested circa 1995 RCA television set. Thanks to my loving friend Q for setting my stubborn ass straight and demanding that I save her t.v. from peril - which means Q was getting ready to leave this, beauty is only skin deep at the curb of our favorite second hand store, Unique Thrift.

First, I had to lay down a few ground rules before she settled into the grotto: there will be no nonsense television watching allowed at anytime. She is here for one sole purpose - watching porn...oops, I meant to write films....Yeah, yeah, Oscar nod films. Music and conversation with visitors will always take priority over her. She must stay hidden behind the wooden doors of the armoire until she's asked to be seen. I know this seems dominatrix-like of me, but if you don't crack the whip, then gimps... oops, I meant to write television can run amok.

Tonight, it's popcorn, my couch and Joel and Ethan Cohen's film, Burn After Reading.

Neve Black

p.s. A little Oscar trivia here: Roderick Jaynes is the fictitious name for the Cohen Bros. editor. They edit all their own work. :-)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Peer Pressure and the Golden Globes

If I had a dollar everytime someone has offered to let me borrow, or hell, just give me their second, third, or fourth television set, I'd be a Slumdog Millionaire.

Sure, I'd like to play the martyr and say, while all puffed up with bravado, "For the sake of moral standard and higher learning...oh yeah (puff, puff), I killed my television set." But...the truth is, I didn't kill my television set. She died of natural causes: old age. Maybe I've been mourning her death; afterall, the ol' girl was with me since the early 90's. Maybe I'm just so particular about what I spend my hard-earned money on, that I couldn't, or I wouldn't take the leap and spend the cabbage on a new boob tube.

Whatever the reasoning, all has been just swell in Neve Black land without a boob tube, until...The Golden Globe Nominations (heavy sigh)..... There are not one, not two, but three films I missed seeing on the big screen that have been nominated for Golden Globes. Gasp! Everyone knows Golden Globe nom's are usually a shoe in for the Academy Award Nominations - The Big Kahuna- The Oscars, baby. Oh, be still my beating heart.

So, without futher adieu, the martyr in me flew out the window. I fucking acquiesced. I agreed to borrow my friend Mar's sloppy second television set until Oscar night, which will air sometime in February. Today, I wiped off the layer of dust from my Netflix membership and ordered the following must see films: Burn After Reading, In Bruges, and The Edge of Heaven.

In case you haven't realized, I'm crazy... about film. I couldn't live with myself if I missed seeing these potential Oscar winners while walking across the red carpet at a Cleveland Oscar party, wearing my designed by, Unique Thrift Store gown....Come on...I had to borrow a boob tube. I just had to.

Waiting for Netflix to arrive,
Neve Black

p.s. Yes, and thank you. I'm fully aware that I probably need therapy.

Pendant above can be purchased here via Etsy.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I pay attention to signs. I think signs are gifts from the universe.

A bolt of lightning, a blinding flash of reality, or learning that a couple traveling through Europe during WWII wrote the original screenplay for Casablanca - Did anyone else know that? It's one of my favorite films of all time and I wondered why I never knew about that little tid-bit of information until last night. I don't think I was supposed to know about it until now - it's a sign. A couple of weeks' ago, I met a poet that spoke about how much she enjoys writing plays and I felt inspired by her words of wisdom. A sign. Then last week, I met writer in town from New York, who recently sold his screenplay to a Hollywood giant. I was so excited for him. Was that a sign too? Yes, I think so.

Then, I was out with my friend Natalie. It was the eve before New Year's Eve. We headed to a local haunt. I was in the mood for Campari, a negroni. Yeah, sometimes I like to think I'm Hemingway, or something, I suppose. Anyway, we met one of the most obnoxious persons on the face of the earth. No really, he rubbed my fur the wrong way. He said something to me though and it struck a nerve deep within my creative soul and I've been marinating in a story idea ever since: juicy and tender. I think meeting him in all his obnoxious glory was...yeah, it was a sign.

It appears screenplay signs seem to keep crossing my path, and I can't help but think it's the universe sending me a message. I've tossed around the idea of writing a screenplay for a long time, because of my love of film. I'd love to sink my writing teeth into the challenge of formulating dialogue and character development, while staying within the fascinating groove of erotica.

Today, I started to conduct research on my desired subject matter in order to get a feel if it's something I should make a commitment of seeing through to the end. Afterall, if the universe is kind enough to give me a gift, I certainly don't want to be rude by not accepting, or returning the gift before making sure it fits properly.

What signs have you been receiving lately?

Neve Black
Vinyl lettering above can be purchased here via Etsy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

As Time Goes By

Uh-huh. I'm a bit hung over today. What better way to nurse my self-inflicted pain then to watch one of my all time favorite movies, Casablanca? Besides, no one looks as good drinking champagne cocktails than these two love birds. Boy, those tiny bubbles sure give good head...aches, don't they? :-)

Happy (say it quietly, please) New Year!
Neve Black