Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mercury Retrograde

I'm not sure if you're aware that the messenger planet, Mercury has been retrograde since the 11th of this month. Retrograde simply means moving backward. No, of course the planet isn't actually moving backward, but during this period, all things communicative become confusing: wires inexplicably get crossed, words are misintrepreted, computers crash and water tight contracts mysteriously get wet and fall apart. The illusion of backward motion occurs because the angle of a planet’s orbit relative to Earth’s orbit changes at certain points in their respective cycles. The current retrograde cycle lasts for about three weeks'. We'll be free of this communication breakdown cycle February 1st.

During Mercury's retrograde and the inevitable communication debacle, being retro is in, but starting something new during this time is not. Feel free to recyle, reinvent, retreat, remove, reject, revisit, redecorate, and reexamine, but for the love of God, stay away from doing anything new, or else you'll end up having to repeat, repeat, repeat what you started.

I'm obliging Mercury's retrograde by rereading a classic novel by an American Classic writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Last Tycoon. Interestingly enough, Fitzgerald's unfinished masterpiece is research for my screenplay.

Enjoy all things re until February 1st -


Craig Sorensen said...

I'm basically a retro guy, as it turns out, so this whole Mercury Retrograde plays right into my hand.

It seems to me you are having a good time with the screenplay project. Sounds intriguing!

MilesB said...

I will definitely be doing plenty of recycling and retreating, as I reivent myself and reexamine what I want to do next. But I will refrain from rejoining the workforce until after February 1st. Looks like I may not have much choice in the matter anyway!

Neve Black said...

Hi Craig,
You're funny. Yes, riding the horse in the direction its going, is wise, I suppose. There's not much we can do about planetary changes - may as well just enjoy the ride.

Yes, the screenplay is time consuming, but a really good challenge for me. Thanks!

Neve Black said...

Hmmm...recycling is always good. I think it's best to retreat with a freind. Reinventing is good. Refraining from work, unless it's writing related...well, Mercury doesn't have to be retrograde for that phenomena to take place.

Erobintica said...

So now is the best time to revise revise revise. Well, I've got plenty to work with.

My spam word is terrifying - heaven forbid!


Kirsten Monroe said...

Is recreating allowed?

Neve Black said...

Thank you for stopping and commenting. And yes, revision is allowed during retrograde.

Cocless? Oh dear! :-)

Neve Black said...

Hi Kirsten,
Whew. Recreating is re, rather than cre, so yeah, you're safe. :-)