Sunday, January 4, 2009

Peer Pressure and the Golden Globes

If I had a dollar everytime someone has offered to let me borrow, or hell, just give me their second, third, or fourth television set, I'd be a Slumdog Millionaire.

Sure, I'd like to play the martyr and say, while all puffed up with bravado, "For the sake of moral standard and higher learning...oh yeah (puff, puff), I killed my television set." But...the truth is, I didn't kill my television set. She died of natural causes: old age. Maybe I've been mourning her death; afterall, the ol' girl was with me since the early 90's. Maybe I'm just so particular about what I spend my hard-earned money on, that I couldn't, or I wouldn't take the leap and spend the cabbage on a new boob tube.

Whatever the reasoning, all has been just swell in Neve Black land without a boob tube, until...The Golden Globe Nominations (heavy sigh)..... There are not one, not two, but three films I missed seeing on the big screen that have been nominated for Golden Globes. Gasp! Everyone knows Golden Globe nom's are usually a shoe in for the Academy Award Nominations - The Big Kahuna- The Oscars, baby. Oh, be still my beating heart.

So, without futher adieu, the martyr in me flew out the window. I fucking acquiesced. I agreed to borrow my friend Mar's sloppy second television set until Oscar night, which will air sometime in February. Today, I wiped off the layer of dust from my Netflix membership and ordered the following must see films: Burn After Reading, In Bruges, and The Edge of Heaven.

In case you haven't realized, I'm crazy... about film. I couldn't live with myself if I missed seeing these potential Oscar winners while walking across the red carpet at a Cleveland Oscar party, wearing my designed by, Unique Thrift Store gown....Come on...I had to borrow a boob tube. I just had to.

Waiting for Netflix to arrive,
Neve Black

p.s. Yes, and thank you. I'm fully aware that I probably need therapy.

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Craig Sorensen said...

Such a fan of movies, and no TV?

You are a character, Neve!

You gotta get a TV just so you can watch old Noir films when you want, eh?

Either way, enjoy your flicks!

MilesB said...

In Bruges is a very good movie. Hilarious and sad and gruesome all at once.

Nothing beat Bruges in December. I was there a few years ago and it's just like in the movie.

Neve Black said...

Hello C and M,
Yes, I know I have let go and get a damn television. Television has such an evil side though; sucking you in and never letting to. Argh!

Love the old flicks, C.

Miles, I'm not surprised that you were in December too. Brrr... I guess one can endure harsh temperatures when you're surrounded by beauty though.

Thank you both for commenting.

John Ettorre said...

Make sure you see Doubt. It's phenomenal.

Neve Black said...

Hi John,
Really? You'll have to elaborate. Believe it or not, but I was going to skip that one. Not too predictable?

They don't all make the Neve Black must watch list.