Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Roderick Jaynes

Not to belabor a topic, but I thought everyone might like to know, Neve Black's grotto is now home to a recently divested circa 1995 RCA television set. Thanks to my loving friend Q for setting my stubborn ass straight and demanding that I save her t.v. from peril - which means Q was getting ready to leave this, beauty is only skin deep at the curb of our favorite second hand store, Unique Thrift.

First, I had to lay down a few ground rules before she settled into the grotto: there will be no nonsense television watching allowed at anytime. She is here for one sole purpose - watching porn...oops, I meant to write films....Yeah, yeah, Oscar nod films. Music and conversation with visitors will always take priority over her. She must stay hidden behind the wooden doors of the armoire until she's asked to be seen. I know this seems dominatrix-like of me, but if you don't crack the whip, then gimps... oops, I meant to write television can run amok.

Tonight, it's popcorn, my couch and Joel and Ethan Cohen's film, Burn After Reading.

Neve Black

p.s. A little Oscar trivia here: Roderick Jaynes is the fictitious name for the Cohen Bros. editor. They edit all their own work. :-)


Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Neve,

I LOVE it that you love film. I don't get to watch nearly as many films as I'd like, especially foreign ones. Can I come over? I make really good popcorn popped in extra virgin olive oil, drizzled with hot hand-churned Amish butter and sprinkled with sea salt from France :) I'll bring the junior mints & whiskey too.

Neve Black said...

You're always, always welcome to come over, baby. :-)

I knew I could count on you for fancy popcorn...oh, yeah, those jr. mints and of course...what's a movie night without whiskey!