Friday, January 2, 2009


I pay attention to signs. I think signs are gifts from the universe.

A bolt of lightning, a blinding flash of reality, or learning that a couple traveling through Europe during WWII wrote the original screenplay for Casablanca - Did anyone else know that? It's one of my favorite films of all time and I wondered why I never knew about that little tid-bit of information until last night. I don't think I was supposed to know about it until now - it's a sign. A couple of weeks' ago, I met a poet that spoke about how much she enjoys writing plays and I felt inspired by her words of wisdom. A sign. Then last week, I met writer in town from New York, who recently sold his screenplay to a Hollywood giant. I was so excited for him. Was that a sign too? Yes, I think so.

Then, I was out with my friend Natalie. It was the eve before New Year's Eve. We headed to a local haunt. I was in the mood for Campari, a negroni. Yeah, sometimes I like to think I'm Hemingway, or something, I suppose. Anyway, we met one of the most obnoxious persons on the face of the earth. No really, he rubbed my fur the wrong way. He said something to me though and it struck a nerve deep within my creative soul and I've been marinating in a story idea ever since: juicy and tender. I think meeting him in all his obnoxious glory was...yeah, it was a sign.

It appears screenplay signs seem to keep crossing my path, and I can't help but think it's the universe sending me a message. I've tossed around the idea of writing a screenplay for a long time, because of my love of film. I'd love to sink my writing teeth into the challenge of formulating dialogue and character development, while staying within the fascinating groove of erotica.

Today, I started to conduct research on my desired subject matter in order to get a feel if it's something I should make a commitment of seeing through to the end. Afterall, if the universe is kind enough to give me a gift, I certainly don't want to be rude by not accepting, or returning the gift before making sure it fits properly.

What signs have you been receiving lately?

Neve Black
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Craig Sorensen said...

Hi Neve,

One of my earliest writing projects was going to be a screen play. A comedic look at my time in the military in Germany.

The idea behind this screen play was what ended up being the erotic novel I just completed at the end of 2008.

Right now, I have my direction pretty well set with the erotica thing, though I do have a couple of other things out on the horizon.

Sound's like you're on to something. Run with it!

Neve Black said...

Hi Craig,
Aha! The novel that you completed in 2008 was originally a screen play, eh? Interesting.

I'd be very interested to learn more about why you chose to go down the novel path instead of the screen play road? There was, as always, a fork in your journey. I'm curious.

Thanks for sharing.

Craig Sorensen said...

Hey Neve,

I had to "think" to write a play or screen play.

Writing stories or novels just flows naturally. It's my natural voice. I like the using the power of description to set the scene, to crawl directly into the imagination of the reader.

Maybe someday something I write will be worthy of adaptation, and I'll be able to try my chops at screenplays.

Until then, it Novels and short stories for me!

Neve Black said...

I gotcha. Well, I'm not sure how well I write short stories, long stories, or screen plays, but..I'm always up for the challenge. I just have such a fascination for film - well written film.

BTW: Were you aware that a couple of tourists traveling through Europe wrote Casablanca? I can't remember what their story was originally called, but the folks in Hollywood bought the story, changed the name and then hired a team to re-write as they filmed; adding colorful sub-characters (foil)to the script. I know you're also a lover of this film.

p.s. I'm not leaving erotica. I love it here. ;-0

Kirsten Monroe said...


I feel a buzzy excitement for you reading your post. Signs are good. I agree with Craig. Run!

spamword is ephic -- fucking epic. Your screenplay will be!

Craig Sorensen said...

I wasn't aware of the back story to the writing of Casablanca.


You obviously have writing talent, Neve. The key truly is to find your natural voice. Take your time, play with different things. You'll know when it's ephic. ;-)

Trust me on this.

But always, always, keep writing!


Neve Black said...

Your words mean a lot. Thank you.

I have quite a bit of research to do (which is one of my favorite things) prior to giving my final answer on writing this project.

Yeah, I think you're right. I think I'm experimenting with different forms of writing. I do know that I love erotica b/c to me it strips away facades; leaving true essence. It's a writer's dream - you know this though. :-)

I'm glad I could share a little Casablanca insight with you.

Have a wonderful weekend -

Neve Black said...

Hi Kirsten,
Thank you once again for all your support. We'll see what I come up with after I spend some time in research mode. I have some studying to do. :-)

p.s. I read somewhere in blogland that you went snowboarding for the first time. Good for you! It's fun, isn't?

Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Neve,

I did try snowboarding recently! Hooray! I LOVED it. Works well with my low center of gravity. I can't wait to give it another go.

I received a sign this morning when I opened up the paper. I missed this story in yesterday's paper, then somehow got it tangled up in Sunday's paper and at last I discovered it for real and immediately thought of you!

Neve Black said...

Hi Kirsten,
You're such a sweet pea. I'm so far from what that article describes, but boy, do I appreciate the vote of confidence from you, my friend.

Thank you.

p.s. I'm quite familiar with the flick too.

p.p.s. Knock em' dead on the slopes, ski bunny!