Saturday, January 10, 2009

Revolutionary Road

I'm continuing my red carpet trek this week. My handsome friend Miles stopped over to my house and hooked up the watchamacallit to the thingamajiggy so I could watch movies on my old, but new to me television. I saw Burn After Reading. It had been awhile since I'd bonded with my over-stuffed, olive green, snuggly, love seat and it felt great. Thank you again, M.

Burn After Reading: I'm a huge fan of the Coen brothers. I enjoy their quirky sense of humor and their ability to capture the complete and utter insanity that can be found in almost anyone when pushed beyond emotional limitations. Like life, sometimes even good people do really stupid things and bad people, well, according the the Coen's, there seems to be little redemption, because the bad just get..worse.

The snow has been falling again, so I had to activate the 4x4 on the Neve mobile before heading across town to see Sam Mendes' film, Revolutionary Road. You might remember another film he directed a few years ago, called American Beauty. He won an Oscar for best director for that film. Revolutionary Road is a similiar in theme - exposing truths that stay safely hidden behind societal norms. It was very well acted, directed and the dialogue between the two main characters, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (Mrs. Sam Mendes) was outstanding. I found myself wanting to write some of the poignant lines down. Of course, light was not on my side and my purse, which holds the needed pen and paper was not cooperating.

Anyway, I recommend spending the moola and seeing Revolutionary Road. I also recommend renting Burn After Reading too. Both are written quite well.

Next week's films are: In Bruges at home and maybe The Wrestler or I've loved you so long on the big screen.

Oscar countdown 2009,
Neve Black


MilesB said...

Glad I could help out. And just in time for the blizzard!

Neve Black said...

I'm glad someone knows something about plugging thingamajigs into watchamacallits. Whew. ;-)

Craig Sorensen said...

I'm planning to see Burn After Reading soon.

I'm a big fan of the Coen Brothers going back to Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski.

I also loved American Beauty. Kevin Spacey was excellent.

Enjoy those movies!

Neve Black said...

Thanks Craig!
I think I should write the Academy Awards and ask if they'd like for me to sit on their panel going's the least I can do considering all my plugs for movies.

I think you'll love Burn after Reading. Did you see last year's winner: No Country for Old Men? Sensational.

Craig Sorensen said...

Yup, I saw No Country for Old Men.

What an amazing film. Such a great turn for those Coen brothers!

Neve Black said...

Hi again Craig,
Cool. Yes. Those boys are on a role! Good for them.

This week's Netflix film is In Bruges. I've heard it's very good. Collin Farrell won a globe last night for his performance.

John Ettorre said...

Be sure to also see Doubt, which is awesome. It'll be doubly resonant for anyone who attended Catholic grade school back in the day. As for American Beauty, nothing will ever beat those erotic scenes of that impossibly cute temptress in the bathtub with the rose petals. Yowza!