Saturday, January 31, 2009

Donna George Storey is an Amorous Woman....

As we continue our erotic on-line sensual feast, we head over to Donna George Storey's for a healthy, vegetarian dish. Donna loves to cook and it's my understanding, she's quite good at it too. As a treat for all of us, I have a feeling Donna may have invited her friend Lydia, (trailer below)

from the pages of Donna's book, Amorous Woman to help prepare today's culinary masterpiece that will not only ignite sexual energy, but will also be packed full of sensual Japanese flavors.

Amorous and hungry,
Neve Black


Emerald said...

Oh, what a lovely idea to post the trailer! Looking forward to seeing you for salad on Monday!!


Marina said...

Hi Neve - it seems the smut police have finally granted me a reprive! I can finally get into your blog again. It was just the weirdest thing - every time I tried to click in, the screen would just go black! No adult content disclaimer, no nothing! Just a black screen! It was that way with Robin's blog and mine as well - the problem was there with anyone with the adult content disclaimer - so weird! And now, just as suddenly, everything is fine and accessible again!

Anyway, Robin was sweet to contact you about my problem, and you were sweet to grant me access for the day in Brazil! Thanks so much!

Neve Black said...

Hi Emerald,
Oh yes, I'm all prepared for your salad tossing ways on Monday!

I'm looking forward to it!

Neve Black said...

Hi Marina,
No problem at all. The blogland police were slapping you on the wrist, or...maybe it was a crack from their whip against the tender cheeks of your ass because you wanted to step into X-Rated blog sites -

p.s. I'm ready to head back to Brazil. It was so warm there.

Marina said...

The blog police have whips??? Gotta run and see what other adult content laws I can violate! I am a little tired, though - just finished exploring Japanese bondage techniques with a samurai over at Donna's place....

Anyway, thanks again. I definitely would love to be back in Brazil. I'm just getting so sick of the snow and ice up here!

Neve Black said...

Hi Marina,
Yes, I know, I read about your Samurai experience at Donna's Kyoto. Nice going.

You'll have to send me an e-mail and let me know where you live in Ohio. If you're close, maybe we should grab a coffee sometime, eh?