Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Please, baby please

bend me over the bathroom counter-top. My hands reach for sink’s faucet for support; one hand grasps for the Cold, while the other finds the Hot. You make me so wet baby; so dripping wet that your rock-hard cock easily slides in and out and in and out from my cunt. Your cock pushes up against my glorious sweet and delicious, G spot, making me cum so hard that my legs shake, begging for mercy. Thrust your cock in deep; spilling your hot juices inside me….

I’ve been writing a lot lately. That was just a little taste (Ohhh…did I just say that?) of some words that I’ve been tossing around in my head; typing and creating them into another story. I think I mentioned that I’m currently working on three different stories, along with a couple more that are in for final edit (my editor; my savior; my life-line, my friend). I’m also waiting for final edit to appear in my e-mail inbox on a story I’m entering into Literotica. Once that returns, I’ll link their site from here, so you can read my entry, if you choose.

Thank you for reading my blog, and please feel free to make comments. Like my hero, Alison Tyler, I’m always looking to add new and exciting ingredients to my erotica shopping list.

p.s. To purchase the item above, please select here.

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