Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wet panties

are perhaps the best panties….

Do you have a favorite pair of panties; a really special pair? A pair your mother would never want you to be wearing if you were in some kind of horrific accident? Maybe you wear those special panties on a hot date (I don’t wear panties on a hot date; it’s hot enough already), or maybe you need a little pick me up, like a shot of espresso, so you slide them over your freshly shaven legs; admiring how they hug against your thighs, ass and the undulating curve of your crotch.

Yeah, you know the panties I’m talking about, right? Your favorite pair that sits neatly folded and specifically placed, never absentmindedly thrown into your overflowing panty drawer. The pair that patiently waits; hoping to be chosen by you each day; winking up to you saying, “I am here. I am here. I am her for you, please choose me.” A favorite pair of panties never disappoints you, and they are always ready for a good time; you can count on them.

My favorite panties are a sheer pair of cheetah print thongs, lightly trimmed in pink; small pink bow sits just in front, like a present ready to be torn off and savagely unwrapped. In retrospect, I wish I’d bought the damn matching bra too, but I didn’t. I improvise, like a good jazz musician. I have a pink cheetah print bra, or I pull out the tried and true, simple and black. Neve Black goes black. Black is always the new black for me each and every season.

Purple panties, pink panties, black, white, beige, multi-colored, no matter, pull those panties out from their special hiding place this weekend and wear them; wear them like you mean it too. Sway your hips, walk your special sexy, "I'm wearing THE panties" walk; secretly knowing that they're getting wet.

p.s. select here for the panties above.

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