Monday, June 2, 2008

Donna Summer

It’s been 17 years’ since we’ve heard anything new from the famous, queen of disco, Donna Summer. Guess what? She’s baaaaaack. She has a new CD, album, MP3 ready; whatever the hell we’re calling new music to buy these days. The new music is titled, Crayons and I just might have to buy it.

I secretly loved her. I didn’t care that listening to disco was considered to be uncool at the time. I think it still is actually, unless you’re at a wedding reception, booze-cruise with gobs of other drunkards, and everyone is singing and dancing in the conga line:

"Sad Girls, you such a dirty bad girl, beep-beep, uh uh.
You bad girl, you sad girl, you such a dirty bad girl, beep-beep, uh uh"

Aye yii, yii....

Cool, or uncool, I loved Donna Summer. She wrote lyrics to a song from one of my all time, favorite movies: The Deep. My best girlfriend back then (she still is my best girlfriend) worked on a chartered dive boat and I’d often go with her as a guest; heading to places like the channel islands off the coast of Ventura, or we’d go south into Mexico to the Coronado Islands.

We both dreamed of being Gail Berke, the female character and also a diver in the movie, played by Jacqueline Bissett. Jacqueline Bissett had (I'm sure she still does) a very nice set of ta-ta's and in the movie, she dives bra-less except of course for the white tee-shirt that clings to her silver dollar areolas' and erect, pink nipples. Looking back now, I would imagine every man in every theater across the country's cock was going, "boing!"

Lucky Gail Berke hung out with rugged, good looking men like Nick Nolte (yum), Louis Gossett, Jr. (yummy) and Robert Shaw (yum, yum, yum). She was young, beautiful, and courageous and we wanted to be her, well a combination of her and Donna Summer actually.

Anyway, as corny as it seems, finding out that the lady of disco is making a come back has me taking a drive (when gasoline was much cheaper) down memory lane today. Here are the lyrics to the sultry sounding and oh, so sexy song written and performed by Donna Summer:

"Down deep inside
There's a place in me I'm yearning to explore
Look in my eyes
And remember wine, the music and amour
The days grow stronger and longer
With every glance
It's what a stare and the dance were
To find romance
While dancers dance so close
Deep inside to our dream of dreams
Our theme of themes
Yes I'm falling watch me falling
Something warm is turning inside of me
Something warm is burning inside of me"


John Ettorre said...

ooooh, love to love ya, baby. I can hear her like it was yesterday, with the sound track to my randy adolescence. Her male counterpart? Why it would be Barry White, of course.

Neve Black said...

She is a walk down memory lane, isn't she?

I can't believe that I used to know all the words to MacAthur's Park.

Yeah. I know. Don't ask.

I'm so obviously illuminating the fact that I'm plagued with various social disorders, like OCD.

"Mac Arthur Parc is melting in the dark
all the sweet
green icing flowing down
someone left the cake out in the rain
and I don't think that I can take it
'cause it took so long to bake it
and I'll never have the recipe again
oh no."


John Ettorre said...

Almost forgot that song. But it came right back to me.