Monday, July 7, 2008

Tails, I Win

Why do I get so turned on just thinking about having the cheeks of my ass spanked, or paddled?

Is it because I know I've been a really, really, really bad kitty-cat, and I deserve to be punished? Maybe.

Is it because I'm freaky and kinky and just like it? Maybe.

Is it because I'm addicted; addicted to the intense pleasure that will surely follow the excruciating pain? Maybe.

If I so much as read just a snippet about someone else's bare bottom being smacked with a spatula, slapped with the palm of a hand, switched from a riding crop, or thwacked from a wooden paddle, I can actually feel the stinging sensation on my ass; the burn on my skin, sinking in deeper. I give into the pain. I can see my ass turning pink, then red; darker red; welting red. My heart is beating so fast; my breath quickens. I'm dizzy. I'm wet. I'm....

"God. That's going to turn black and blue. I won't be able to blame that nasty welt on clumsy behavior when they ask me about it in the gym locker room tomorrow."

I learned about a call for submission for a spanking story just days ago. I'm fervently working on creating a semi-fictional story about one of my all-time favorite erotic fascinations; having one's bottom spanked.

Now, I'm quite confident that I'm not the only one that's into having my ass cheeks and thighs spanked. Fess up. Tell me your best spanking story.

p.s. gotta have the necklace above as much as I do? Select here for details.


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