Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Male...

cock, uh... I mean brain. No, cock. No, brain. Wait, I meant to say the male cock-brain is explained.

Hell, isn't my point that it's both? Aren't they wired together in some way? Isn't there some type of impirical evidence proving this now? Gone are the days when you'd hear someone say, "Well, you know Prudence, he was thinking with the other head..." Two heads are always better than one, in my opinion. I come from the mind set of the more the merrier too though. What do I know? I'm just a porn writer.

I read an article titled: The Male Brain Explained and found some points within the article interesting, I suppose. Here's just a taste:

"Women have puzzled over it for years—why the heck do men do the things they do? Why do they profess their love for you one minute, then ignore you the next (say, when an Attila the Hun special turns up on TV)? Why can they not remember our birthdays? Let science explain some of these conundrums—and help you rev up your relationships!"

"Help you rev up your relationships...?"
I'm not claiming to be an expert on men. I'm a woman. Hold on, let me check. Yep, I still have all those womanly parts that coincide with being a woman. I think having the home court advantage is important when understanding men and woman: Men know men better than women know men and visa versa.

Without having to get into all the scientific reasons why men do this and woman do that, I think keeping things simple is best. The best way to rev up a relationship with a man or woman is to start communicating while naked, of course. If you want something a bit more racy, then hell, go for an indoor slip and slide; add the crisco oil and learn some new types of communication skills. That should surely do the trick. Not into props, you say? Okay, no problem. Just take your clothes off, smile and see what happens.

I don't understand why the subject of deciphering how a man's brain-cock works or a woman's brain-clitoris works is so baffling for some people. Men might be from Mars and women from Venus when it comes to deciphering brain activity, but what species do you know that doesn't like to fuck? And if you really think about it, isn't that the best form of communication?


p.s. The squid (or is it cock?) in the basket painting above can be purchased here.

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