Friday, September 12, 2008

Arrivederci la Toscana

As I reflect upon my week here in the tuscan region of Italy, I'm looking over the villa's estate red grape vines and olive groves. I've spent most of my trip enjoying the sites outside; breathing in the rich soil, the grapes, olives, basil, tomatoes, and wild lavender. Downstairs in the kitchen (cucina) Rosella is busy preparing our six course dinner.

The delicious fragrance of chicken, rosemary, spinach, garlic, potatoes and sausage stir around my nostrils, teasing me until I can no longer stand it and beg for just a taste; please, just one bite... like so many of the sultry, Italian men have done to me since I entered into this country.... There's a raw sexy vibe here in Italy and you smell it in the pungent air, hear it in the melodic language, taste it in the food and feel the heat and sensuality from a simple smile offered or a glance from someone you pass along the cobblestoned streets; leaving you naked and hungry for more.

Tonight, I'm kissing (baciare) this beautiful place goodbye. I'm headed to the region of Veneto tomorrow. I can see a fierce thunderstorm brewing over these multi-green colored tuscan hills. It's yet another glorious event added to my journey to this wonderous and mysterious erotic place called Tuscany....


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