Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Spending time in Cinque Terre...

unexpectedly...." Was the text message I received from my friend, L today. I said goodbye to her in Italy, as she elected to cycle and head north; hitting Salzburg, Vienna and finally ending up in Budapest. I've been receiving these sporadic snippets of her travel itinerary, via text as she cycles this journey alone.

As of today she's back in Italy...the Cinque Terre and clearly one of the best Italian scenic spots I found when traveling there just a few short weeks ago:

"Arrived with toothbrush and that's all. Used spaghetti spoon for a comb. Be home soon, L"

"Cinque Terre is a slice of heaven and please be ever so careful (not really) of those hot, Italians. I'll see you soon." Neve

"Thanks. Looking forward to it. Upon my return home, I'm planning on an intensive course of Yoga, diet, excercise, and self-help books." L responded back.

"Sounds good, chica. Don't you mean erotica books instead of self-help?" Neve

L returns from her trip tomorrow -


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