Thursday, October 23, 2008

All Work and No play...

is just not my style. I've mentioned that I've been working on large project lately. I'm juggling a multitude of non-work related tasks, while taking on more work related projects. I've been busy. I think everyone I know can say that and mean it. There must be something in the air.

I do try and indulge in break time activities though. If I must be juggling multi-anything, I'd prefer it to be orgasms. Anyone else share my sentiments? Taking a little break helps me blow off steam. I figure, if I died today, and woke up in hell tomorrow, I would kick myself for not having one more piece of dark chocolate, or didn't swallow my...fear and purchase that extra large dildo.

Life's too short; indulgence and breaks are necessary. Now go grab yourself a multi-O and then get your ass back to work. CRACK! (THAT WAS MY WHIP).


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