Monday, October 27, 2008

Deep Breath

I've been having one of those moody days for the past few days. If I were wearing a mood ring, the color would be black. I don't have the flu, but my skin feels hot and prickly. I know this moodiness is mostly from the powerful surge of hormones running through my body right now; affectionatly referred to as, PMS. Yoga helps. Practice tonight.

I received a spirit lifting e-mail message from an erotica writer that lives far, far away, but we've started a friendship through blogging and e-mailing. She's even sent me a gift in the mail recently. Anyway, she sent me a message last night and it really lifted my spirits. I thought I'd share it with all of you. If you're also having one of those moody days, maybe after reading her message will help change your mood ring color from black to blue:

"Oh, I thought of you Saturday morning. I stopped amidst the craziness at a wonderful cafe I'd been told about. It's a really cool artsy, funky place in the middle of a not-so-cool, conservative, not-so-funky city. Anyway, I ordered my usual triple cappuccino and looked up at the specials board -- be still my heart! Huckleberry jam crepes! Took all the angst away with one bite. Heaven!"

Breathing a pleasant sigh of relief,

p.s. Here's more good news: I just heard from Sommer and we're going to have a booty call later...okay, okay, okay, so it's conversation about booty. The day is looking up!


Kirsten Monroe said...

Ah wow, Neve! I know that prickly feeling! A walk in the woods, a splash of springwater on the face, a cup of thick hot chocolate and uh, yes, bitches, I do want whipped cream & make it a double! always helps. Namaste back to you! Happy stretching. And breathing. And cooling. Smile. Sigh.

Neve Black said...

Thanks for being there with the double-double slice of chocolate cake.