Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Surfing in Ohio

As a writer, I often use visual images (writing aids) to help me when I create a story. I like to think of these visual images as muses. I wonder if all writers use visual images? I know Heidi Champa was inspired by a visual image of a God-like looking man when she wrote her story, This One, That One, for Alison Tyler's Sexy contest and won.

I just learned my story, Board Shorts is being published by Ravenous Romance's Men in Shorts anthology. The story is about surfing. I live in the midwest. Geographically speaking, Ohio isn't located anywhere near a large enough body of water to create mighty enough waves any person with an ounce of pride would surf on. As a side note, I have been told there are some individuals that are bold enough to surf lake Erie during the winter months (Oh drears). But then again, there are people that snow ski here in Ohio as well. Ohio is as flat as a pancake.

My point. Oh, fuck, what's my point? Oh yeah, I needed a visual muse to create my surfing story and hell, it worked. Robert Kelly Slater is pictured below. Yeah, he was my visual Board Shorts muse. Please stay tuned for more details and more of my stories coming to a theater, I mean a website or bookstore near you.

Surf's up in Ohio -


Heidi Champa said...

Looks like I'll be joining you. My story that is. Men in Shorts is something of a specialty of mine. ;)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Double-congrats, Neve and Heidi! And I say this from the heart, speaking as a man in shorts (assuming that boxer briefs count as shorts).

Jeremy Edwards said...

assuming that boxer briefs count as shorts

Otherwise, I'll just take them off. Don't want to cause a problem.

Neve Black said...

Hi Heidi,
Cool. Yah!

Shorts, off, please. :-)

Anonymous said...

I hear only those with balls surf in Ohio. Stumbled across your blog. Good so far...need to get deeper under the hood.

Neve Black said...

Thanks for leaving a comment.

I grew up in SoCal. I'm not sure what possesses a person to surf a flat, freezing cold lake, but I'm not sure having balls is the source.

While your under the hood, would you please change the oil? :-)


Anonymous said...

Mmmm...I think that is an easy question. There is no depth is SoCal. It is quickly characterized by 15 minute shows on MTV. Sure...super fast, super hot...but nothing lingering...nothing sensual. It takes depth-neighborhoods, writers, history, art to develop sexuality.

Neve Black said...

Wow. Have you ever lived in Southern California? Or does your opinion about its lack of depth just come from watching t.v.?

Anonymous said... are right. My comments were too plastic. I know there are aspects of Southern California that are rich and I am constantly learning more about the surf culture. I hate television. I adore San Francisco.

When I think of the roots that produce passion-the kind that makes your fingers hurt and heart sweat-I think of it being born out of places that have transformed through hardship: New Orleans, Savannah, New York, Detroit, etc. Fair?

Neve Black said...

Truce. Please know, I do appreciate your comments. Opinions sometimes differ. I'm open-minded.

I'm not of the opinion that art must be developed from something that's fallen, or injured to be considered great. That's too short-sighted for me.

Every person has story to tell. They may not have been ravaged by war, poverty, or a natural disaster, but try scratching at the pretty and new sometime, you might find a real treasure hiding just below the surface.

Anonymous said...

Deal on the truce-I don't want you to think I am dismissing your perspective...after all, I am reading your blog.

Speaking of which...your entries are deep. Your writing evokes a quintessential relationship for me-my one relationship that I needed, feared and ravaged. It was the kind of fucking that a body yearned-addictive, raw and unbelievable. Years later it is all so clear in my head. Your writing makes me live it again.

Neve Black said...

Thank you. I hope you won't be a stranger and come back again and share your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. For now I'm going to keep reading...and getting that ache in my fingers again.

Craig Sorensen said...

Big congrats, Neve!

And Heidi!

And short-less Jeremy!

I know the SoCal / depth thing was left on good terms, but, let me weigh in as a man who has lived in Europe, on both coasts and a number of points in between.

Depth is not born of a locale. There is depth everywhere, and though the means of expression and the feeling behind it may differ, this does not make one greater than another. Depth of sexuality does not come from a place, nor from a certain range of experience. It comes from the soul.

Neve, your quote: Every person has story to tell. They may not have been ravaged by war, poverty, or a natural disaster, but try scratching at the pretty and new sometime, you might find a real treasure hiding just below the surface. is very well stated.

Neve Black said...

I think I love you... in that admiration for another writer way.

Thank you. Your thoughts resonate with me.

Congratulations on all your successes too. I think Donna George-Storey is onto something when she says we should hold a bloggers convention and all meet. Can you imagine the energy? We could sell it as an alternative for oil.

Bye for now -