Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Smell of Sex

In an attempt to steeple-chase over my fear of public speaking (not really actually), I'm going to read a little of my penned porn, oops, I meant to say erotica at the Literary Cafe this Thursday night, November 13, 2008. Poetry night; open mic; tequila; sex and candy...it all goes together somehow, doesn't...?

Hope to see you there -

Sex and Chocolate,


Kirsten Monroe said...

Oh wheee, that's so exciting! Promise a full report? Double cherry pie!

Love your sexy set list this week.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Woohoo! Go, Neve! I will keep my nostrils flared for the smell of sex rolling in from Ohio, where people get high in the middle between round ends.

Do you get to read in the groovy violet building?

Neve Black said...

Hi. Thank you. Yes, I will post later about the crazy Literary poetry read experience. First time for me, the Lit's first erotica reading...virgins, so yes, the double cherry pie is appropriate!

Thank you too. You might smell tequila wafting in the air, mixed with that sex. Love the purple room in the video. Redrum, redrum. Purproom, purproom (moorprup?) A preppy Moroccan on speed? Never mind. :-)

Heidi Champa said...

That is so cool! Believe me, even as nervous as I was to read in NYC, it was so worth it.

Good luck. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Neve Black said...

Hi Heidi,
Well, clearly Cleveland, Ohio is no Big Apple, but I am amongst literary friends. I greatly appreciate your good thoughts.

Link3220 said...

Best of luck at the cafe. One advantage to reading porn... umm, I mean erotica, is that when you're done, you'll be able to gauge how well you've done by the amount of guys who aren't able to give you a standing ovation.

Neve Black said...

Nice. :-)

Kirsten Monroe said...

I can hardly stand it -- you're probably bowing to uproarious applause right now! Hooray! Bravo! The women are on their feet, cheering, jumping up and down. The men are in their seats, wiggling, begging, "Encore, encore!"

Neve Black said...

You're the best. :-)