Monday, November 3, 2008


It's possible that you already know everything there is about the alternative lifestyle of partner swapping; more commonly known as swinging. But, just in case you don't, the new book Swing, edited by Jolie du Pre' will provide you with 24 dirty and delicious stories about the intriguing world of those that engage in ahem, promiscuous sex. My story, The Party will be one of 24 tantalizing tales in this anthology.

Here's the lineup of contributing writers:

Michael Hemmingson, Ashley Lister, Claudia Moss, M. Christian, Emerald, Beth Wylde, Keeb Knight, Jolene Hui, Donna George Storey, Sage Vivant, Karmen Red, Tre Sart, Neve Black, Alicia Knight Orchard, Jeremy Edwards, Randall Lang, Jacqueline Applebee, Rick.R. Reed, Tawanna Sullivan, Amanda Earl, Michael Swanson, Lara Ziliensky, Rowan Elizabeth, and Jolie du Pre.

I'll keep you updated on the details of the release date.

Swinging high,


Heidi Champa said...

Congrats, Neve. Sounds like it is going to be an amazing collection. Can't wait to take a look.

Neve Black said...

Thank you, sweetie.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Wooo--exciting! Congrats!!!

Neve Black said...

Thank you. I loved your post today. :-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hey, how about when you get your author copy and I get mine ... we SWAP?

Neve Black said...

You're a clever one. :-)