Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Men in Shorts

Are you hungry? I am. I keep licking the screen; trying to taste the image above. I'm not having much luck though.

I need a little some'n and some'n to tide me over until later, baby. You too? Okay, I'll share a bite of my story, Board Shorts with you, which can be found within the pages of the Men in Shorts anthology now up on Ravenous Romance .

Bon appetite:

"The male surfers tend to have God-like bodies, akin to Michelangelo’s David; possessing the quintessential triangulated body: Broad, well-developed shoulders and trapezoids, strong, muscular arms and flat, six-pack abdominals that taper down to their narrow, sexy hips. I enjoy the way board shorts curve around a man’s tight, round ass, especially when the material gets wet from the ocean’s ebb and flow; accentuating each taut muscle. The legs of surfers are rock hard and each sinewy muscle is exquisitely defined. Surfers often wear their board shorts past their belly buttons; hugging on their jutting hips. To me, a surfer’s board shorts are like brightly colored presents begging to be opened. Once you unwrap the present, you’ll find the most delicious cock inside."

The pimping gratuitously above made possible by,
Neve Black


Heidi Champa said...

Gotta love it. Men in shorts are one of my great weaknesses. Good to see I'm not alone.

Neve Black said...

I might be pimping our anthology a bit much this week, Heidi, but then again, I'm with you, men in shorts? Where do I sign, again?

Trembling good stuff. :-)