Monday, December 15, 2008

Simple and Erotic

This time of year can be stressful for some people. As I watch many of my friends hop from one holiday party to the next with heightened holiday anxiety (HHA). Or when I hear from a family member about some rather unpleasant (insert gory) shopping fiasco, while they search for perfect gifts, I start to feel a bit vertigenous. I take a deep breath in and let it out very, very slowly; letting my mind wander off to the simple pleasures found in the holiday season:

Getting caught under the mistletoe, unexpectedly with a very attractive stranger, a friend, or both. Being naked in front of a roaring fire sipping egg nog, while reading something erotic, as the cheeks of my ass feel hot and look pretty and pink. Deciding that my list of gifts to be purchased will be minutes of pleasure given instead. Calling in sick on a cold winter morning, and staying in bed all day with a lover. Trimming the tree wearing nothing but shiny, red stilettos and a Santa's hat. Christmas Caroling in skimpy lingerie beneath a thick, warm coat. Biting the arms and legs off the gingerbread men, before leisurely licking off their vanilla frosted boxer shorts. And finally, going to see Santa Claus and whispering into his ear just what I want, while sitting on his lap sans panties.

Simple and Erotic -

p.s. The Santa mug above can be purchased here via Etsy.


Kirsten Monroe said...

I love the way you push away the HHA! Santa hat and shiny red stilettos indeed! That's how the holidays should be for sure.


Neve Black said...

Hi there early bird!
Yeah, I think you should push the HHA as far away as possible. It's just not worth it. I touched upon just a few things, but I know you have your own set of fun and frilly holiday traditions too. :-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

As it happens, I don't observe any of the December holidays (except New Year's Eve) ... but after reading about your activities here, I'm definitely feeling the, ahem, Christmas spirit. ; )

Neve Black said...

Hi Jeremy!
I don't really celebrate any of the traditional holidays either in December. You'll have to share with me sometime what your reasons are for not partaking in December's gala.

I'm glad you found some of my listed items spirtually lifting. :-)