Thursday, February 19, 2009

Academy Award Countdown!

I'm counting down the hours now until Oscar night, which is this Sunday, February 22 at 8p.m., EST. I'm one of the three divas hosting a red carpet party this year and I can't wait! We'll have a really, really, really BIG screen for up-close and personal viewing of stars and starlets. We also have a Master of Ceremonies walking throughout the sea of party goers. MC will be equiped with a microphone and prepared to ask the guests random questions about this year's nominated films. And yes, of course MC will be inquiring with each guest as they walk the Hollywood in Tremont red carpet, "Oooooh, you look smashing, dah-linque! I simply must know...we all must know...who are you WEARING?" There's going to be prizes given for movie trivia guestions during commercial breaks, and for a dollar, each guest can cast their official Oscar ballot and win the pot.

My pink ballgown, silver Cinderella slippers, long and sexy, silver gloves and bright pink boa with its silver flecks were all held captive and silent; hidden behind my closet door, until today. You see, as Oscar countdown gets closer, I start to vibrate with excitement. For example, I was bitten by the Oscar zeal bug shortly after I had painted my fingernails and toenails the ostentatious color, "Drama Queen." Shortly after the polish had completely dried (no smudges for Oscar divas), I was consumed with the burning desire to strategically remove my complete Oscar ensemble from inside the depths of my closet. I simply had to display her proudly for my full, voyeuristic, pleasure. Now, each time I pass by "Pretty in Pink", I wave to her. She flirtatiously winks back, as she stands there waiting patiently for me... and for Sunday to arrive.... Heavy sigh.

Yes, I am ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille -
Neve Black

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