Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sexual Zodiac Q & A

Roxanne, the sexually adventurous zodiac diva will be over at the very talented and sexy, Leo-lioness, Kirsten Monroe's on Monday, March 2nd.

Ask a sexy, zodiac question and you might win a copy of Roxanne's story, Sex through the Zodiac, published and available at Ravenous Romance along with a sudsy, sexy bar of zodiac soap.

See you at Kirsten's on Monday -
Neve Black


Donna said...

I'll be there!

Neve Black said...

I can't wait, Donna. :-)

Erobintica said...

Hmmm. A question, a question. *puts on thinking cap*

Neve Black said...

Oh, Robin...don't you worry, now that I know you're a lusty, Capricorn, like Donna, I'll think of a question, if you can't. :-)