Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm A Believer

When I was a little girl, my grandfather (on my Irish mother's side) used to tell me there were leprechauns living amongst his peas, carrots, peppers, shamrocks and countless varietals of lettuce in his impeccably looking garden. I believed him. Afterall, he was my favorite grandparent. I really never stopped believing. According to my grandfather's description of these garden elves, they were bright, grasshopper green, standing 3" tall and I should be careful, because leprechauns are full of mischief; much like my grandfather. I never actually saw any leprechauns in his garden, or anywhere else for that matter, but to this day, I still like believing they were really there.

Recently, I've been invited to participate in an erotic project that is centered around sex and fairies. Fairies: tiny, high-pitch sounding, fast moving, fluttery winged, sparkly, Tinker Bell-type pranksters that live somewhere between Never, Never Land and reality. I'm very excited about the project, but to be honest, I was a little skeptical, because I'm not really a fairy person. And then I thought of my grandfather's garden leprechauns: small, green garden creatures full of piss and vinegar, and I realized, Neve, leprechans are an awful lot like fairies. Yo!

In light of St. Patrick's Day, which is just around the corner and my late grandfather's garden leprechuans, I'm choosing to believe in fairies too.

Stay tuned for more sexy adventures from Loli, the fairy above.

Has anyone seen my pot my gold?
Neve Black


Kirsten Monroe said...

Hi Neve,

What an wonderful project! I can't wait to hear more about it. Fluttering my fairy wings in excitement!


Erobintica said...

gnomes, fairies, leprechauns - all very fun.

One of my favorite books to read to my middle daughter was "A Fairy Went A-Marketing" - the illustrations were to die for, and ... I admit to a wee bit of fantasizing about what that fairy might be up to between the pages when the book was shut. ;-)

Can't wait to hear more!

Donna said...

I actually saw some fairies dancing in a raspberry bramble when I was three or so. So they do exist, you know ;-). Sounds like a magical project!

Neve Black said...

Thanks fairy-babe. I can see your fluttery wings from here.

Neve Black said...

What a great story. I'm wondering what those fairies were doing after the book was closed. I love that, R. Thanks for sharing.

Neve Black said...

Oh, Donna,
You're so cute. I love the raspberry ramble childhood memory.

Yes, magical is a great way to describe fairies and this project.

I can't wait to tell everyone more! Soon. Very, very, soon.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Kudos on this fairy-tale opportunity!

I'm trying really hard to resist making a "pot of gold"/"piss and vinegar" joke. ; )

Neve Black said...

Hi Jeremy,
Oh, please.... I love it when you spin your lyrical jokes. You're so clever.

Thank you. :-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

:%) [blushing leprechaun]