Thursday, April 10, 2008

Films That Make You Hot

I was reading another writer's blog this week and she wrote about the receipt of an e-mail from a friend who had written to her: "I just re-watched Last Tango in Paris the other night and I'd forgotten how hot the sex scene is."

Yep. Smokin' hot would be my description of the the film.

If you’ve never watched Marlon Brando in Last Tango in Paris, please do. So...this got me thinking: Hot sex in film; Films That Make You Hot….Do you have a favorite, or favorites? Please share. I’d like to know.

Personally, I’m an Art House film junkie and I can think of several films that had me ‘booty calling’ once the credits started rolling. My favorite film genre is: Film Noir (it's a wonder I love writing erotica, isn't?). Here’s a list of just a few of my mainstream but mostly non-mainstream favorites:

1. The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981 remake with Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange) It’s a film noir classic; crime, moral ambiguity, dark and lots of obsessive behavior (that’s hot in itself). Jack Nicholson plays the drifter seduced into a sordidly steamy love affair with the very hot, hot, hot Jessica Lange. They get it on for the first time on a kitchen table. It’s a memorable scene for me and I haven’t watched the film in years.

2. Sally Potter’s Yes is hot because the entire film’s dialog is in iambic pentameter (playing tribute to Shakespeare). I saw this film a couple of summer’s ago and I remember a scene where the heroine is sitting at a coffee shop bistro table with her lover; he starts fingering her in a public no less. She’s squirming in her chair, cumming and trying to keep quiet. HOT!

3. Mickey Roarke and Kim Basinger in 9.5 Weeks, directed by Adrian Lyne. Hello? Could it have been the BD&SM, or the overall obsessive undertones that made you want to fuck immediately after seeing this movie? Kim Basinger crawled across a floor, sucked on strawberries fed to her from Mickey’s fingers; naked and blindfolded in front of an open refrigerator, and if that isn’t enough, she gave visual meaning to Joe Cocker’s You Can Leave Your Hat On. This movie is still a let’s make popcorn, watch a movie and fuck on the couch classic in my book.

4. Bound. Gina Gershon and Meg Tilly tear up the screen in this hot lesbian, crime film (more film noir), directed by the Wachowski Brothers. I remember the scene, like I just watched it yesterday (and I didn’t) when Meg Tilly fingers Gina Gershon. It’s ‘I need a cold shower hot’.

5. Speaking of Lesbian sex ….How about David Lynch’s Muholland Drive! Its film noir meets surrealism. This was Naomi Watt’s big acting break too. Laura Harring plays Naomi Watt’s lover and the sex between these two women…well, the words Fire Drill come to mind.

6. The Lover Directed by Jean Jacques-Annaud. The film is set in 1920’s Vietnam under French Colony rule. The highly explicit, steamy sexual relationship between the innocent (virgin) French and very poor girl and an on older, wealthy Chinaman represents true erotica for me. The affair is reckless and forbidden, and the scene when he baths her after taking her virginity is memorable.

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