Friday, April 11, 2008

All My Ex's Live In Texas

“All my ex's live in Texas, And Texas is a place I'd dearly love to be. But all my ex's live in Texas And that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee”

I don’t think any of my ex’s live in Texas, but I love the lyrics to that song, written by George Strait.

You’re probably wondering what the hell? Why is she referencing C&W today, aren’t ya? Well, here’s the deal, an X-boyfriend (there’s always a very good reason why an old lover is an X, right?) wants to get together with me and catch up. Has this ever happened to you? So I beg the question, is it possible to ‘just be friends’ with our X’s?

I don’t know what your experience has been, but I’ve gone down the road of trying to stay connected with old flames; grabbing a lunch here, let’s meet for coffee there and then somehow, someway the sexual spark ignites and yep, I’m right back to where I said I’d never go again; sucking his cock.

Not moving forward and clinging onto the past of what coulda’, shoulda’, woulda’. Get my drift?

Its worse when you’re dating someone else and an old lover makes contact with you. You’re working on building something good and real with a new person and then out-of-the fucking clear blue you get a text message, an e-mail, or maybe it’s a bolder gesture, like a telephone call saying: “I just want to catch up.”

What the fuck? Should we go through life crossing X’s through our Ex’s with a red ink pen; editing them out of our lives, like my editor does after she’s read one of my first drafts? Think about it? This is a person that you shared intimate moments with, a person who helped you get through a crisis, and a person you loved, respected and adored. Is it possible to keep these people in our lives and re-work the relationship into a friendship, or is there always a proverbial fork in the relationship road where you take one path and your Ex takes another?

I decided to sleep on the question and get back to my Ex; leaving the X indicating Yes, Maybe or No blank for now. Maybe I’ll send his request to my editor; I’m sure she’d have a field day editing him out of my life. Maybe I’ll take the higher road and work on accepting the people in my life for who they are and where they are at right now, even if that means saying goodbye to the way things once were. Yeah, right. Don’t let me fool ya’ I’m not quite there yet.

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