Saturday, April 12, 2008

Are You Too Judgemental?

I live in an artsy neighborhood that’s been gentrified and in many ways it’s very good for the neighborhood; creating a more mainstream environment which improves the economy. How you ask? The gentrification has opened the neighborhood up to a lot of people who simply wouldn’t step into the previous uncharted territory and push themselves against their own self-imposed boundaries; they pre-judged the neighborhood based on crime rates, prostitution, and tenement housing and or have heard it was a great place to buy crack cocaine. For the record: Those are just a few of my favorite things that I love about my neighborhood. It keeps it interesting; makes it edgy.

I too have fallen into the judgmental category on more than one occasion; for being judged and or judging others For example, just last night I walked into a gallery in my own neighborhood; minutes from my humble abode. The gallery has a reputation for being one of the truly ‘real’ galleries left in the neighborhood; it’s non-gentrified. I was intrigued with wanting to see this exhibit, because the presentation had to do with male genitalia; penis, cock, rod, love wands, etc, etc. I thought the artwork was amazing. I loved it! (I think a man’s cock is extraordinary, but that’s a whole other blog topic) The scene at the gallery was over the top for me. In my unsolicited opinion, it appeared to be really trying too hard at not trying to be too non-mainstream; reversed gentrified prejudism. It was too much for me, but you see, I was judging and didn’t realize it. Fifty lashes to me, eh? (And actually that wouldn’t be punishment because I love a good spanking).

I do digress, don’t I?

Anyway, I like to fancy myself as being ‘non-mainstream’; a rebel of free-thought, if you will and compared to some of my friends, I probably am. I feel I’m a bit more open-minded to new ideas, somewhat Bohemian. Judgment isn’t just about jumping to a conclusion you have no reference point for, but it really has more to do with making judgment based upon your own personal negative experiences, right? It’s like an old record you’d forgotten about that seeps back into your mind, playing a tune that takes you down the path of uncomfortable. Right? Yeah. I know I’m right on this one.

When faced with an idea that takes us to a place we’re not familiar with, or makes us feel disagreeable, dolorous, excruciating, annoyed, awkward, thorny, troubled, aching, angry, disturbed, embarrassed, anguished, confused, miserable, nervous, uneasy, vexed, strained, cheerless, or uncomfortable is it possible to tell our minds to “Shut The Fuck Up” and stopping judging it? I don’t know about you, but I’m going to give it try.

p.s. The painting above can be purchased through an artist at and here’s the link:

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