Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hot; Latin Jazz

There’s just something about the fevered, thumping beat of Latin Jazz that’s so hot, it makes you wet. Wet, sweaty, vibrating and begging for more….

I went and listened to the multi-talented and award winning band of Sammy Deleon y Su Orchestra last night at a relatively new Martini Bar in town. The stunning, Miss Jackie Warren was jamming’ on the keyboards.

As always, whenever I see this band, I’m never disappointed. I know I’m in for a musical and theatrical performance, because the band is musically in sync with one another and the audience surely feels their positive and sweltering hot energy.

As the band’s hypnotic vibe builds and builds; feet are tapping, fingers are thrumming, heartbeats pulsate to the percussion, hips grind and gyrate to the rhythm; bodies are moving; sizzling, steamy, blazing, burning hot, hot, hot! Whew! We need a fire extinguisher to put this band’s flames out.

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