Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Holy Loppers, Batman!

I love gardening tools.

Spades, shovels, picks, hoe's, forks, rakes; good God the names alone send shivers up my spine. I've been test driving a new tool for the past couple of days, and lets just say, I'm in way over my head here in expertise, but the experience has been...well, titillating. I borrowed this scrumptious tool from a friend, and she affectionately calls it, “The Loppers.” Oh, be still my beating heart (thump, thump; thump, thump).

The ‘loppers’ are huge. They have thick; good sized, two foot handles with a rubber-type grip just at the tip; making it easier for people like me, the amateurs to handle them properly. Follow the long, lopper shaft to the other end and there lies the real prize; heart pounding, sweat dripping; five inch blade for shearing and angling the really big jobs, if you know what I mean? (Wink, wink)

It makes me juicy wet just thinking about them. I keep finding more things to “lop” off too. My poor plum tree... it didn’t really need a good lopping, and now its almost completely naked; lopped, shaven, right down to nearly a stump; Oooooh la, la! The loppers made me do it!

What’s your favorite gardening tool?

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