Friday, April 25, 2008

In flight fuck, please

So, I just submitted a story to an editor that had a call out for submissions themed, plane sex. You know what I mean, right? The Mile High Club type of hanky panky; where so many of my fantasies like to hang out. Think about all the variable options to in flight sex? The possibilities are endless; racking up frequent flyer miles while taking full advantage of the hot flight attendant (s) so eagerly helping you adjust your seat belt, while your tremmering thighs hide behind a blanket. Having trouble using the sink in the teeny, weenie bathroom? It’s a tight fit for two, but somebody’s gotta’ do it.... Maybe you’d like a personal tour of the pilot’s…quarters? Well, each one of these examples gives a whole new meaning to the word, turbulence for me.

How about you?

Needless to say, it was really fun to write about the topic of sex on a plane and to write it from a man’s perspective. The idea came from a very casual conversation I had with someone; rooted from one of his fantasies, and suddenly I was fascinated; wanting more. It’s funny, because I can’t say that I’m really good friends with this person; we are acquaintances, for lack of a better word. He felt compelled to share his thoughts, maybe because he knows I’m penning porn and he was baiting the hook to reel me in and expose his fantasy. My eyebrow rose with intrigue, as he spoke of his ideal flying experience. I bit into the bait; hook sunk deeply into my mouth; taking its hold. Thus the basis for this story was born. Here’s a little taste of smelt or mackerel to wet your appetite (be careful of the hook):

…I was suddenly awoken. I’m not sure how long I’d been sleeping, but it was pitch black outside and the last time I remembered it was twilight. It was quiet, except for the slow and steady humming sound of the plane’s engine. The couple sitting next to me were sleeping. The cabin was dimly lit and the light above my seat glowed above my head. My eyes were trying to adjust to my surroundings, and I rubbed them.

As I blinked and cleared my eyes, I could see the outline of a woman’s body standing in front of my seat; so close, I could have reached out and touched her. I blinked again and rubbed my eyes again. It was Delilah, the beautiful redhead with those amazing eyes. She stood there; looking at me and she was completely naked. Her firm and full breasts were superbly perfect in shape, like two firm, ripe cantaloupe melons. Her elongated and erect nipples sat perched on top of light brown, silver dollar sized areolas, offering themselves to me on a platter. I felt aroused.

Her full hips complimented her breasts; symmetrically proportioned. She had a flat stomach and her waist indented on each side; making her figure look hourglass-shaped. Her long, lean legs were slightly parted; showing off the auburn colored hair that covered her pubis mons. She smiled down at me.

Is this happening to me?” My thoughts raced and Delilah lifted one of her hands and motioning me to follow her, “come here,” her fingers instructed. I looked around, making sure she was motioning to me and when I looked toward her again, she had turned and started to walk up the aisle, turning to look at me; still motioning me to follow her.

I unclasped my seat belt and moved into the aisle. Delilah was more than half way up the aisle now, still motioning to me. I didn’t hesitate; I wouldn’t let logic try and talk me out of it….

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