Saturday, April 19, 2008

No Clue why I'm so Blue

So, I’m feeling a little blue today. I’m not sure why either. Raging hormones infused with the waxing full moon in Scorpio (Full moon tomorrow) is the only logical reason I can come with for my moody, blue tune frame of mind.

And it’s okay to feel down and blue sometimes. Hell, it makes you really appreciate the sunny, feeling fabulous, great days, I think.

I’m usually pretty upbeat about things; I’m a ‘the glass is ½ full’ type, rather than its opposing wicked, step-sister, ‘the glass is ½ empty’. Stopping to smell the roses; what a beautiful blue sky; hey, did you see that hot guy’s ass? Is more my style. You get my drift, right?

But today, I’m just feeling blue. How blue you ask? My mood ring is overcast; cloudy dark clouds are keeping the brilliant blue color indicating a cheerful and happy mood color away today. No comprende, you say? Well, how about this example: George Clooney could walk pass me right now and I might have to check for my pulse. That’s a real deep, shade of blue for me. Because on any other day, I’d be naked, wet and willing. Okay, maybe if it was George Clooney, I’d turn my frown upside down, and then I’d turn him upside down, inside out and….

But alas! Today, I am blue. Sorry George, some other time, perhaps.

Rain is in the forecast for today and I’m hoping it not only waters all my freshly planted flowers in my garden, but also washes my blue, blue mood away.

How’s your day?
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