Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sexy Time

I started today wanting to write about a completely different topic, and of course, I digressed into another direction (this happens a lot). I started thinking about what types of tunes I listen to when I want to get my groove on; sexy time music. Now I know, this topic has been hashed and re-hashed many times by many people; calling it many different things, and I’m quite sure you have your very own repertoire of ‘sexual healing’ tunes you play and well, ahem…before too long everyone’s naked and having a good time, eh?

I couldn’t write this blog today without mentioning my fond and funny memory of Bo Derek and Dudley Moore in the Blake Edwards classic film, 10. I’ll never forget the scene when Dudley Moore’s fantasy is finally fulfilled and he gets the chance to get it on (sorry Marvin Gaye) with the gorgeous, corn-rowed beauty, Bo Derek; while Ravel’s, Bolero plays on the turntable. BTW: The music to this movie was composed by Henry Mancini. This movie is a classic comedy about how one man copes badly with incipient middle age; immortality at its comedic best is portrayed in this film.

Anyway, on with my list of “hey, wanna fuck?” music. There are so many songs to choose from, but I narrowed it down to a specific genre for today: Classic Jazz. There’s nothing like the sultry sound of a horn player; saxophonist, or trumpet accompanied by a piano player, with a little percussion to stir your core. Some of you might disagree and say that my sexy time jazz songs listed below emote thoughts of contemplation; it’s too relaxing and cerebral instead of heart pounding, lips mashing and body grinding list of fuck music you’re looking for, but I beg to differ, because sex always begins in your mind.

I’ll be honest, I’m treading in deep water here; I’m in way over my head because I’m not a musician (strumming the guitar now and again doesn’t count) and my jazz palate is relatively new, compared with some of my friends, including musicians I know well, but I know what I like; I know what gets my blood flowing, auditorially speaking. Please understand this isn’t a scholarly list; created by someone that holds a post graduate degree in music. This list hits on a few of my favorites that come right to mind; evoking a visceral response that makes me wet and willing:

Saxophonist extraordinaire, John Coltrane and the amazing pianist, Duke Ellington coined the quintessential love song, In a Sentimental Mood or something very similar called, My Little Brown Book. Speaking of John Coltrane, I love, Violets for your furs, I see your face before me and Polka Dots and Moonbeams. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it and I could go on and on here with just these two, but I won’t.

Thelonius Sphere Monk’s, Reflections and Ruby My Dear, have to be included; makes me wet, wet, dripping wet. Miles Davis’ Love Songs CD is filled with nothing but the serpentine sound, intimate and muffled trumpet players love ballads. Sonny Rollins version of Monk’s, Round Midnight, Joshua Redman’s, Mantra #5 and Chill. Terence Blanchard’s, Water and last to this could go on forever list, but certainly not least, Grant Green’s, Idle Moments.

One more thought: I love the powerhouse, raspy, distinctive sexy voice of the late and great, Nina Simone, I listen to her all the time; before, during and after a sexcapade.

What types of music gets you hot and bothered?

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Anonymous said...

Totally agreed that sex begins in your mind. The anticipation-like a pre-race ritual is so intense.

What about Miles Davis "Birth of Cool"? And...from a totally other planet Pink Floyd? Think about it...better yet..try it.