Monday, April 21, 2008

Spank Me

“Desiree'," he said as he struck the tender cheeks of my white ass with…what was it? I couldn’t see from this angle, maybe it was one of my frying pans from the kitchen one floor above us. I couldn’t be sure though… and my name isn't Desire'.

My arms hugged the wide and massive frame of the washing machine, and my hands held on tightly to the back. My legs; spread eagled, and straddled, as I press the swollen, wet lips of my pussy flush up against its side; erect nipples of my cantaloupe sized breasts crushed into the top of the machine.

He smacked me again, this time harder than before, and the glorious ‘spin cycle’ began; shaking the concrete below its legs; vibrating and pulsating into the core of my clit. “Desiree”, he said again louder, as he swatted my upper thigh. “God this was so good.” I thought to myself and I let out gasp and then a moan….

I’m working on this story right now. What do you think? Do you like being spanked, or do you like to be the one doing the spanking? Maybe you prefer both! Select the link to learn more about purchasing the item above.

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