Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Perfect Banana

I was invited to my friend's home for dinner one evening, so I begged the question, "what can I bring?" "The perfect banana. I need the perfect banana; for the desert." Was her reply. Ahem. Thus the story below was born:

I need the perfect banana, she said into the phone.
Yellow with the hint of green, better make it firm.
To the grocery store I flew and searched the aisles high.
I found the banana orgy, I was in the zone.

I couldn’t choose just one, bought a bunch; each could take a turn.
I stood in line with my bananas; heard the check-out girl let out a sigh.
I felt I should share my find; she could take one as a loan.
Bananas in a bag now, I was on the move; I hurried, didn’t want concern.

Peeling out of the parking lot; I winked and waved goodbye.
I pushed down on the pedal, flying towards the street, like a cyclone
Heard my cell phone ringing, my friend was calling, she wanted to confirm.
Assuredly I spoke; bananas are here next to me, rubbing at my thigh.

I reached the free-way, bananas and me, we were all alone.
I gently touched the bag where my new friends lay silent for the short-term.
Opened up the bag to let them breathe the air, they sat there acting shy.
I placed my hand on top of all of them, caressing them like gemstones.

I placed them on my lap now; I was anxious; starting to squirm.
Finger-tips stroked their long, hard, perfect skin as it curved; there was no reply.
I couldn’t help myself, I pulled one from the bunch; letting out a moan.
Slowly I unzipped its suit; my mouth watered; wanting to learn.

I drove along the road and saw the exit sign; knew her home was nearby.
I held the naked banana in my mouth; I was hungry to swallow and make it my own.
Instead I sucked at its fruit; smelled its flavor and touched it with my tongue; no lie.
That banana wanted to be eaten; I could almost here it cry.

I’d stolen this banana selfish as it was and I would have to atone.
I found myself gobbling the fruit as I drove with one hand, making the final turn.
My cheeks were filled, the fruit was gone I took it all the way; I felt high.
I pulled into her driveway and licked my fingers; no one would ever know.

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