Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sunday Morning Asana

Yoga was the muse in this piece I wrote. Yoga is a very spirtual experience. Yeah. I know, I know....I'm headed straight to hell.

It was late morning on Easter Sunday. We both sat on your slightly worn, green couch licking our plates clean of the remaining maple syrup that had covered our waffles only minutes ago. The special coffee you were brewing from Costa Rica permeated the air and I had more than one cup. “Yes. It’s delicious.” I confirmed. “Just like you.” I thought smiling at you while taking a sip from my cup. We were both non-practicing Catholics; no plans to attend an Easter Mass that day. “Let’s do some yoga!” You said smiling. Your big, brown, tender eyes opening wide. You were excited.

Beautiful oak, hardwood floors traverse the entire house. A large, burgundy and crème colored Oriental rug lay over a portion of the hardwood floors, just to the front of the fireplace in the living room; where two yoga mats sat beckoning to be used. I was no expert at the clever art poses of yoga; only attending a few classes, so I followed your lead. We both stripped down to our underwear. You wore smoldering, smoky-grey boxer shorts, and your dark, soft and rich hair that I loved getting lost in was exposed; glistening on your chest, arms and legs. I wore small, lacy-topped and black, cotton thong underwear and a black camisole; my flat belly, my toned arms and legs and taut butt were bare. I hadn’t showered yet; remnants of mascara lay smudged around my big, blue, happy eyes. My shoulder length, straight, blond hair was messy; bed-head and wild looking; sticking out and up in all directions.

We started by taking deep breaths in through our noses; blowing them back out through our mouths, appropriately facing the East and starting off Sun Salutation session. You started us off, “Anjali Mudra.” It had been snowing lately, but today the sun was out and it peeked through the gap in between the closed curtains; dancing across our almost naked bodies. Standing at the edge of the mat, you bent your knees slightly; put your hands together in prayer just over your heart; your elbows were out to each side, “Tadasana,” You said. I mimicked the pose. Inhaling, you lifted your praying hands out to the side and over your head, and said, “Urdhva Hastasana.” “Bless you,” I said jokingly, as I followed your every move. You exhaled; swan diving down; your hips hinging; palms flat on either side of your feet. Inhaling, you came up until your back was flat and your finger-tips touched the floor, “try and get your back flat.” You smiled helping me. “Ahhh, finally words I recognize,” I responded, smiling.

Exhaling, your palms were flat on the mat; bending forward again. “You’re doing well,” you mentioned. I smiled at you; noticing and admiring your muscular legs as you inhaled and brought your right foot to the back of your mat; coming up onto your finger-tips into a lunge. Exhaling, you put your left foot back; meeting the right foot and your hands were flat on the mat, just above your head; pushing up; torso arched, “Downward Facing Dog, let’s hold this for 30 seconds,” you were breathing hard. I’d done some of these moves before, so I definitely knew that name. Doing yoga with him; in the living room; nearly naked was highly erotic for me, especially “doggy” anything.

Inhaling and coming forward, you flattened your back again. Exhaling, you lowered your body inches from the floor and into another pose, “Chaturanga Dandasana, hold this for 30 seconds.” Looking over at him, I could see the head of his cock poking out through the hole at the front of his shorts and I’m not sure if it was the pose, or the view that made my arms and legs start to shake. “Try and go a little lower and move your hands in, if you can,” he said teaching me. I was sweating and breathing hard and I felt the tinge and moisture growing in between my legs. He had no idea how much he turned me on. Inhaling, he lowered his body to the mat; arms pushed his torso up; legs touched the floor, “Upward Facing Dog.” Calling the pose. “Wait a minute! Do you think you could upward facing dog into me?” I thought. And he called out the sequence change, “we’re going back to, Downward Facing Dog again.” After we had gone through the poses of the Sun Salutation sequence a few more times, he finally asked, “How you doing over there?” “I’m ready to stop now. But I’d love to learn a great move to stretch out my back.” I replied as I collapsed onto the floor and my back.

He moved toward me; hovering over. “Does yoga make you want to fuck?” He asked. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven; thought he’d never ask. “Oh baby, yes, yes, yes!” I whispered up to him. He kissed me hard and I pulled him in closer; forcing his tongue deeper into my mouth. He pulled his hard cock from the slit in his shorts; pushed my panties to one side and thrust his cock inside me. “Oh Mi God. That feels so good!” I said. My muscles were warmed up from the yoga poses and I easily lifted my legs up into the air, spreading them wide; almost doing the splits (I don't know that yoga pose name) and he pounded his cock into my hot, wet pussy. “I like that pose.” As he moaned. I rubbed my clit back and forth with my fingers. “Baby, I’m going cum!” I yelled loudly. “Oooooh. Cum all over my cock!” He said huskily. I did. I felt the waves of orgasm spread over my body as he thrusted one last time; grunting and spewing his hot cum inside me.

We both lay on the yoga mat; sweating and panting. “I like yoga and I think I need to start doing more of it,” whispering to him. He lifted his head from my chest, smiling at me.

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