Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wild Sex; Sex in the Wild

I’m just finishing up a short story I’ve been working on for the past few weeks’. My mind wanders; pondering my characters as I search for the perfect words to the final act of this story, or stage production (every story is really a screenplay in my opinion) created onto paper, or typed into a hard drive; saved to a disk.

Laptop and I go outside today and write; it’s finally warming up here in the mid-west.

As I sit outside, I can hear the birds chirping and bees humming; it feels glorious and my thoughts travel to healthy outdoorsy type activities: Gardening; using all different kinds of wonderful gardening tools (I love tools), patios, with various shapes and sized terra-cotta pots, filled with a rainbow of colorful blooms of flowers and herbs, cooking outside on my grill and the very best outdoor activity; having sex outside; amongst the elements; in the wild.

Never tried it before? Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

Be a really dirty girl/boy and go play outside in the dirt with your lover; add water for mud and really get down, dirty and slimly with someone. How about nude sun bathing in the back yard? Picture this: Two naked bodies lay side by side in lawn chairs; sun is warming your bodies; the sprinkler is set to hit you every five minutes, keeping you cool and wet, while strong, purposeful hands rub suntan oil over your body; sliding in between, over and around. How about going on a bike ride or a long run with your lover and then finding a great place to have sex up against a tree? Too exhibitionistic for your taste, you say? Wait until it gets dark out and then go; only the owls, deer, raccoons, fish and creepy crawlers will hear you panting and moaning. I have fond memories of where I grew up; sex on the beach (not the cocktail) was a big past time, especially during high school. Romanced by the ‘grunion run’, couples would fuck anywhere and everywhere on the sandy beaches while waves and fish crashed into the shoreline. A friend of mine once told me she used to give her boyfriend a blow job in between shots while they played 18 holes of golf. I think they used to fuck in the bathroom at the turn too, but I’m not sure, I’ll have to ask her.

Well, I should get back to finding an end to my story. Good luck finding your wild side while you enjoy the warmer weather and if you have a really good sex in the wild, wild side of you story to tell, please share; I’d love to know!

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