Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Every now and again say, what the fuck!

I heard today that Ray Ban sunglasses are making a come back.

Hmmm…I think I might have a pair somewhere, but mine are a softer, more female version; yellow colored frames bejeweled with fake diamonds, so they’re not really Ray Ban’s at all, I suppose. Ray Ban’s are distinctive; definitive. Classic black, austere frames with black, movie star looking lenses and they're the hottest of the hot in the realm of sunglasses. Once you put them on, they effortlessly seem to say, “Yeah. I know I’m hot, baby!”

Back in the day, all the hot guys wore them. They’d slide them behind their slick back, wet hair; wet from showering quickly at the beach after a long morning of surfing kick ass waves. Sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it again.

Ray Ban sunglasses also remind me of the time capsule movie, Risky Business (the quote for today). I see Tom Cruise dressed in a men’s button down shirt; donning tighty-whities, white socks and a black pair of Ray Ban’s as he slides across the hardwood floors of his parent’s suburban home in Chicago, singing to Bob Seger’s classic: “Old Time Rock n’ Roll.” Please don’t quote me, but I think this was Tom Cruise’s film debut. Remember the dialogue between Tom Cruise (Joel) and Rebecca De Mornay (Lana) the morning after they had hot, monkey sex? She was looking to get paid and he was, well, clueless:

“Uh, my name isn't really Ralph. It's Joel.”

“Mmmm. I'll be needing 300 bucks... Joel.”

“You're kidding?”

“No, I don't believe that I am.”

“Well, uh, it's just that I don't have that much here in the house.”

“How much do you have?”

“I have 50 dollars.”

“50 dollars? What are we going to do about this, Joel?”

“I don't know. [Pauses] I could I send it to you?”

[incredulous] “Could you send it to me?”

[long pause] I, uh, have a bond at the bank. I could go cash that.”

“I'm not real good at waiting.”

“I'll be quick.”

The next time you see me, I might be sporting classic Ray Bay sunglasses, thinking about hot surfers and Tom Cruise, letting anyone and everyone know, hey, every now and again you just have to say, what the fuck!

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