Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hot Pussies

I live with two hot pussies. Yep, that means three pussies in one house and we couldn't be any more different from one another...


Pussy number one has a petite frame with black and white hair; she’s a bit older, (shhh, we don’t want to say that too loudly, she’s a bit sensitive about her age) and graying. And if that isn’t bad enough, this pussy is suffering from a sever case of alopecia right now. She had a long time love affair with the heat register over the winter months, thus her hair loss. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful pussy; bright yellow-green eyes, soft to the touch and so sweet and demure she charms the pants off any man that walks through the front door.

Pussy number two has a larger frame, with glorious, thick and long chestnut colored hair; threads of gold and black run through it and she’s actually quite stunning, and she knows it! She has bright green eyes and she’s as sassy as a whore that knows a naval ship is docked in her town for the week. Sexy, sassy and incessantly talking about something. I sometimes have to bring pussy number two down a notch by reminding her that she has both a beard and a mustache. She also talks too much. I’m not trying to be mean spirited with her, but if I don’t, she makes it impossible for pussy number one and I to live with her. Pussy number two's vanity is over the top sometimes. She gets mad at me and thinks I might be a tad bit jealous of her good looks. Typical pussy behavior.

We’re pussies with lots and lots of hair; hair that seems to perpetually get stuck in my eyelashes, finds itself inside my bed, on the kitchen and bathroom floors and all over every piece of clothing and furniture in the house.

We’re all sun-crazed pussies; we like it hot. We all love to bask every ounce of our bodies in the sun’s wondrous beams of heat; morning, noon and just before it sets on the horizon. Three pussies lying in the toasty warm sun, like three lizards warming themselves on a rock in the desert. This is one of our favorite past times. Each of us purring like kittens; smiling at the other, knowing life is good.

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