Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Are you writing something... good?"

I get asked that question from time to time. Hmm...trouble is, I'm not really sure how to respond to that and naturally, my mind races:

What do they mean by good?

Could it be that they want to know if I'm working on something that I particulary like?
Or are they asking me to give them something that's dirty; dirty but good and bad?

Maybe they need just a nibble of what I'm working on, like a porn fix, so they can go home and get working in private; it's National Masturbation Month, you know.

Long pause; fingers drumming against the keyboard.

So, to answer the question above: I'm always writing something good, that's also really bad too. My characters are usually getting down and getting dirty; stripped naked and exposed. I like to leave the blinds open so you, the voyer can peek inside to their lives and see all their pink, and vulnerable spots. My characters are usually seeking the warmth and sometimes the protection from someone (male, female, or both) or something else (alcohol, drugs or bondage). These characters enjoy doing some nasty, naughty stuff; curl your popsicle toes gritty. These characters are a lot like you and me actually, which makes them so good, yet oh so bad.

So yeah, I guess I'm always writing something really good.

Here's a taste of a story I'm working on right now:

"He wanted me to suck his cock. I slid myself down from the chair, until my knees hit the floor; my back was against the chair and I was straddling his legs. I moved my head closer to his erection. One hand grabbed the cheeks of his ass; pulling his cock closer to my lips, while the other hand touched his smooth, honey-brown tanned and well developed thighs. I ran my hand up down the length of his hamstrings; massaging his muscles and then moving my hand around and kneading his quadriceps. He let out a whimper. I moved my hand from his thighs; firmly grasping the base of his cock while I grazed my full, wet lips across the thrumming head. I slowly circled my tongue around the mushroom head before enveloping his pre-cum, cock into my mouth. I moved my mouth farther down; feeling his cock pulsate and grow bigger; sucking and licking his engorged member. I pushed my other hand into the crack of his ass and moved my hand up and down; his ass was sweating and his hips began to thrust toward my mouth and my hat fell to the floor."

Like it? Not so much? Good? Bad? Want more? Let me know.


Casey Parish said...

Definitely like it, and I wouldn't mind more myself ;) seems like your good bad writing can do a lot for some one, wish I had that kind of power :D


Neve Black said...

Hi Casey,
I'm glad you likeee.

I hope the good/bad characters are actually mirrors of ourselves; so we can easily relate to their experiences and not feel so bad about feeling so good. ;-)

Have a great weekend.