Saturday, May 10, 2008

Get. Me. There. Now.

Do you ever feel that way? You’re driving and driving and it’s taking forever to get to your final destination; you just can’t sing along to one more song on the radio? You’re running in a marathon and you’re at mile 24; you’re done, but there's 2.6 more to go, but... your legs won’t go any farther? Your lover has been teasing you with his/her tongue and lips for what seems like hours and hours; taking you just to the edge, but not letting you cum? Your mind and body is screaming, “Get. Me. There. Now!”

As we plan for the future by saving our pennies from heaven for a rainy day, I think it’s important that we stop (long pause) if only for a moment and think about right here and right now; the space of time we’re standing in now. Someone once told me, “It’s always better to be on the road than to reach the Inn.” Those words have stuck with me forever.

As you save for a trip, a down payment for a house, a fabulous brand new Channel handbag, or that trapeze set you can attach to your bedroom ceiling, remember to gage where you’re headed by where you’ve been and where you’re now. Chances are what you’ve been striving for might be standing right in front of you. So instead of saying, Get. Me. There. Now. You might be, Already. There.

Have a Great Weekend!

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