Saturday, June 7, 2008

No Cheese, Please....

One of my all time favorite Erotic websites, Oysters and Chocolate had a Q&A about oral. I liked it so much, I wanted to share it with you:

Dear O&C,
My man loves me to give him head, but a lot of the time his balls stink like cheese, and not American either, I’m talking stinky French cheese. I usually give him a couple of licks, but then I have to come up for air. I’ve never been able to make him come so I’m sure he thinks I hate giving head. It’s not that! I actually love sucking cock, I just don’t know how to tell him the problem is his stank. I’m afraid he’ll get hurt.
Ew Fromage!

Dear Fromage,
There is no way you are going to be able to surmount this hurdle in your sex life without fessing up to what’s inhibiting your oral play. You don’t have to tell your man that he stinks like French cheese, but you do need to ask your man to wash up. The best way would be to get on your knees holding his erect cock in your hand, look up at him, batting your eyelashes, and say, “Can you please wash off so that I can enjoy my cock?” Another method is the tried and true shower power. Taking his cock in hand, gently lead him to the shower and enjoy a nice sudsy soapy clean-up session together. Once he’s spick and span you can go to town on his meat, hold the cheese. But beware, if the shower doesn’t fix the problem, you should insist that your man head to the docs to get checked for a variety of stink-inducing STI’s.
Good luck!

Agree disagree? Does this also apply for women as well? I think it just might, indeed.



Casey Parish said...

Yeah I have to agree nothing worse then trying to give and having something foul ruin it. I try to make sure I am always nice and clean when I'm getting ready to get dirty. I personally just ask for the same courtesy simply because no matter how much fun it may be it can still be ruined easily by not being clean.


Neve Black said...

Hi Casey,
I once dated a guy that was actually too clean. In the long run our relationship ended for other reasons, but I knew that his need to be "Super Clean" was going to be an issue for me, because deep, down inside I'm really nothing but a filthy, dirty girl.

I think you can miss out on a lot of good and dirty sex if you're too consumed with being clean.

Smelling like cheese might be a show stopper for me, but a little sweat and fungus, well... that's good stuff. ;-)

Casey Parish said...

You are a dirty girl, I love it haha. Yeah I could see how that would be an issue, so far no problems with it myself. Besides you can still be clean, and oh so dirty all at the same time ;)