Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When is Enough, Enough?

If two people love each other, but they just can't seem to get it together, when do you get to that point of enough is enough?” From the film, The Mexican.

Do you agree or disagree with that statement?

I like to think that I agree with what's written above, because the people we're choosing to love are truly special; they fill a unique space in our hearts. I strongly object to kicking someone to the curb just because we don't see eye to eye. I'm all for working things out, even when there seems to be no compromise in sight. Sometimes however, the person you're not syncing up with doesn't share your enthusiasm for sticking it out; through thick and thin.

Then what?

When I’m really at my wits end with someone; when there has been a communication break down, and I know you know what I mean; you're zigging and they’re zagging. Then the anger starts to dissipate; filtering out of my system and soon I’m just left with angry's evil twin, pain. A low grade and constant throbbing, pit in my stomach, kind of pain. A pain that keeps me awake at night. I’m not sure what the worse of the two evils is either. Neither one is very nice to play with I'm afraid.

You see, I let very few people in; really in. I have acquaintances; people passing through my life now and again, I guess everyone does. But there’s only a few people allowed inside and under my skin; people I really love and care about. So, when someone does something that really upsets me; causing me grief and pain (described above), do I go ahead and pull the proverbial relationship plug, or do I take the two higher roads of forgiveness and understanding? Should I just suck it up, because this person is truly special to me, or do I simply cut bait?

Are there degrees of plug pulling? Meaning, if someone you love and care about murders someone, do you stand by them anyway? Would you be able to? Would the circumstances surrounding the murder play a part in your decision?

Maybe for some of you, murder is a bit far reaching, okay, I can accept that, but how about cheating? What if your mutually exclusive partner cheated on you? Ugh. There’s nothing quite like having your skin ripped off, is there? Or at least that’s what I equate the feeling of being cheated on to feel like.


I know this isn’t a simple black and white answer to the question I’ve posed above, because we humans live in the gray area. Rarely is the answer so cut and dry that you’re left feeling damn good about your decision. I vacillate between staying or going; pulling or not pulling. Oh God, it’s a relentless battle within me.

Your thoughts, please?


Casey Parish said...

Even the right decision, the best possible choice you could have made can suck. You brought up cheating, the best choice in my opinion is always to leave, no matter how much love you have for them (unless of course in some alternate dimension they did it to save your life). Personally I try to keep things like that very simple, we both have urges, as long as we are both smart and open we are both fine to act. there are rules within that that cannot be broken, other wise it is cheating no exceptions. Outside of just cheating, if my love were to kill some one (although I think I am more likely the one to be doing so), as long as it wasn't close family I am fine and would stick by. My love is like this, it is put well above every other human being, and if you are not willing to do literally almost anything for that person then its not really love. Would I kill a stranger on the street for the love of my life (within reason-no "kill him or you don't love me") yes I absolutely would in a heart beat. If she were the one to commit murder I would do everything I could to protect her. Thats just my feelings, in most people's mind its disturbing and stupid, but thats how I feel.


Neve Black said...

Interesting thoughts, Casey.

People are such complex creatures and I'm not sure what any one would do, until we're faced with the circumstance. Murder, cheating. Oh boy, one could lead to the other, I suppose.

I try and and treat everyone the way I like to be treated; with respect.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all shared that one single, philosophy?

Take care and as always, thank you for commenting.