Thursday, July 24, 2008

Black and Blue

My eye catches things that other people might not notice, or perhaps they do notice, but it's on a subliminal level, so it doesn't register in their mind to beg the question; to inquire about that one thing that's seems a little off kilter. I'm brazen, and not really shy, so I ask questions, lots of questions, baby.

This week, for example, I noticed two distinct, and somewhat faded black and blue marks just at the top of my friend D's arms as we both sat next to each other during a Spin Class.

"Oooh. Were those marks on your arm left from a stray soccer ball? I asked.

I was checking for a pulse, and there was no response on D's face. So, naturally, I dug a little deeper.

"Are they the remains from um, um... handprints after being pinned up against a wall while getting fucked senseless...?" I inquired, smiling mischeviously. D is quite athletic, so the reference to a sport's related incident was appropriate.

"Full moon." She said returning a devilish smile.

"Oh, that's the pulse I was looking for earlier; thump-thump." I thought to myself. "Really? Pause. I thought those markings looked vaguely familiar... I'm sure I've written about those types of... was it a hit a run type of experience?" I asked.

"I can't believe you noticed. Now I'm embarrassed. And yeah, it was a lot like a hit and run. How did you know that?" D asked.

"Oh please, you have nothing to be embarrassed about, yet...pause. I want details, damnit." I said still smiling.

Fortunately for D, the class began, and she was saved by the bell, or in this case the loud music. She didn't really have to give me details though, because my mind was already composing a story about what had happened to create those black and blue markings, and this is what I came up with on a whim:

"...I'd open my eyes only for a minute, while I caught my breath. The moon was exceptionally large that night, and it sat low in the sky, the color reminded me of the Indian spice, turmeric. He had my hands pinned above my head; his feverishly hot, and wet mouth engulfed my neck, as he began moving down my body, slowly. He pushed his free hand up and under my shirt; massaging my breasts. We were in the alley behind the bar we'd just met at just a couple hours before.

He pressed his body against mine; pushing my back into the solid brick wall. His head found its way in between my legs; spreading them; pulling up my skirt, and moving my black, cotton thong panties to one side. His lips and tongue probed at my core; circling and sucking on my clit. I moaned in anticipation. He stood up; unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out to greet me properly. His hand grasped the tops of my arms; squeezing tightly as he lifted me up and onto his hardened cock; pentrating me deeply...."

I'm going to check back with D and learn a little more about those fatal, final details and maybe, just maybe I could put a finish on this piece.




Anonymous said...

NB you've done it again...another delicious post; but, it opens up a whole new realm of communication that would take up oceans of cyberspace to discuss. The problem I see here is with the primacy of the male sex paradigm--sexual intercourse and it's one I disassemble in my upcoming book on Woman's Sexuality.

Your story follows society's script to the tee: chemistry (ah yes, it's surely there), a little foreplay in the right place (the tongue dance), and then...wham, the stiffy jammed home. His juices oozing from her essence.

The question being: is this the way it should be? Is this what women truly want or is it something which has been inculcated within by society?

Hope you haven't found those gloves in your basement.


Neve Black said...

Doctor G,
Forgot to mention in yesterday's comments...what a fabulous name you have....

What do women want? Hmmm...Plato, Socrates, Freud, to name just a few, along with every heterosexual man I've known ponders that question, don't they? Or they should, I suppose.

Can you have throw me up against the wall sex, ignited with all that passion and still respect me in the morning; drinking coffee in my kitchen; talking about the day? I dunno. Maybe, maybe not.

If you're asking is it possible to have both, well, I'm rather positive, and would say, yes, definately, although I personally have not had that experience.

Expounding on societal norms- It appears to me that both men, and women have, or have had extra-marital hot, monkey sex affairs as a way to balance out their stable, but complacement family life that fits within our societal norms.

I'd be interested to learn more about your book. Have you interviewed many women, both married, and single?

Thank you once again for your comments.

Anonymous said...

NB, you are so astute! Yes, we all should ask that question; problem being, not even women know the answer...although, in my opinion, they should at least strive to find it. I know, and you're right; it's past time for men to stop telling women what they should do, what they should feel, and how they should act, especially sexually.

Against the wall is OK for some; but not for all and not for long, as it misses the purpose; which is, believe it or not, decidedly not procreational. But that's in the book.

EMAs, as you reference, are and have been standard, ah hem, affairs since the advent of a patriarchal society some 4,000 years ago. I have astounding stats on woman's infidelity that will cause severe heartburn and intestinal flowing among the more conventional.

To answer your question: yes, I have detailed data covering 5,130 separate and wonderful women gathered over these many years and what they reveal is eye-popping. The stats you ask are 66% married or divorced; 44% single. Age range from 16 (although I have data from those as young as 13) to 70+.

You can get a flavor for some of the data by checking the questions asked in the various questionnaires on the web site (; although our interviews are much more detailed.

So my new found friend, time for sex? Discussion that is.


Neve Black said...

So my new found friend, time for sex? Discussion that is.

Will you respect me in the morning?

Thank you for your comments, Doctor. Please keep checking back, I do appreciate your well-rounded and professional opinion.


p.s. How do I get a signed a copy of your book?