Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Edited Copy, Baby

My editor who lives on the west coast surprised me by editing a story I'd written recently. She was on the fence about finding the time to do it, but I received it from her this morning when I opened my e-mail messages. Surprize! I'll have to check the time, but I'm sure she completed it last night some time; long past my bedy-bye.

When I receive my edited copy, I'm filled with glee. Tapping the cursor button over the open file document; "Open sezame! Hurry, hurry; faster, open, open" My mind says as I exert every ounce of patience waiting for the computer's engine to open the document. Once it's open, I'm practically eating the edit; tasting each red marking and licking every annotated suggestion, which is usually in the right margin. I look for the message that says, "Great job. Loved it." Or, "Hmmm...this wasn't your best writing effort." I crave the feeback. Good or bad. She's my editor afterall, and I respect her both personally and professionally.

My editor's life (this could be a story all on its own) has become far to over-extended with a full-time job, a husband, two children and a demanding social calendar to continue to keep up with my prolific writing. This story is particularly important to me, because this could be the last story she edits for me for awhile. Deep, down inside I think she'll be baaaaack though.

Finding your original story returned from review is a huge gift. Priceless. For some girls, diamonds are their best friends, but this girl prefers her stories edited. Don't get me wrong, I love jewels too, but an edited story, nearly ready to face the publishing world, well it just doesn't get more personal and any better than that, now does it?

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