Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Quattro Uomini Italiani

My partner in crime and I played hooky yesterday. Originally we had wanted fly into the city that never sleeps; NYC, but with gas prices at gazillions of dollars, we chose to take a road trip, via car and head to the islands located North/West from our urban setting world in search of sun, mermen, wine, food and possibly some trouble to get into.

I was appropriately dressed for a summer day, floppy hat, sun-glasses, khaki-colored skirt, black tank and my favorite shoes, flip-flops. I chose the slimmingly black pair from the multitude of colors I own. I suppose I wanted my feet to look svelt and alluring while walking around the island.

It's been raining here for the past few days, and the dual-doppler report had promised a clearing from the clouded, grey, cold skies. The lousy's lied. It rained, or was just on the verge to rain all day. It was cold and and I was cold.

Somehow we managed to eat, drink and have a blast. We found the only second-hand store on the island; picking up a few little momentos at the thrift store; memories of our hooky, playing day ways.

We said goodbye to the island; turned our rented golf cart in and caught the ferry back to the mainland, mon'. We talked about stopping at a winery and grabbing dinner before driving the one to two hour highway drive back home.

The hostess sat us in a corner (insert: nobody puts baby in the corner) and we chose a bottle of white Italian vino. We ordered our food and chit-chatted about the day. Sitting at the table next to us sat four men. They were very, attractive and interesting. I somehow picked up on the fact they were foreigners. Hmm...could have had something to do with their accents, eh?

Anyway, turns out all four, were in town for the past few months on a work assignment. Where were they from, you ask? Italy. I'm not kidding. Quattro uomini Italiani (four Italian men) were sitting right next to us.

It begged for an introduction. I did the honors. Next thing we knew, we were next door at the tasting room, sipping port, eating chocolate and having coffee, while both my partner in crime and I tried are darndest to impress them with our "we've been learning Italian on CD's in the car". To answer your question, they weren't impressed, but they were all very nice about the fact that we both slaughtered their language.

We got home late, late, late, but it was a good day, even though the weather was not cooperative, the playing hooky day was quite fun, and I highly recommend it.

Do you have any playing hooky day stories to share? Please do.
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