Monday, June 30, 2008

Huh? What did you just say?

You can blame today's blog message on Alison Tyler's blog message from yesterday. It was actually a message that she had received; a simple word, and this one particular word caused quite a stirring. So much so that its had me obsessing about unusual words; uncommon words in my repetoire.

Adding new words into my already existing and somewhat limited vocabulary is a never ending process. I'm always using the thesaurus; searching for just the right word to precisely describe how one of my characters feels; pinpointing that emotion. I think it's my job to find the perfect words; combine them into sentences; paragraphs, passages, like a symphony of letters. Oooh. I like that.

Anyway, I found a website that had an alphabetical list of words that are extremely uncommon (well, for me anyway) and I thought I'd share just a few of them with you. No worries. There won't be a quizz later; asking you to give me the laymen's term description of each word. I've added those as well.

Just for fun though, try adding one of the words listed below into an everyday sentence, and then send it to me via your comments.

Cacoethes = A bad habit, or insatiable urge.

Cagamosis = A unhappy marriage.

Callipygean = Having shapely buttocks.

Capernoited = Slightly intoxicated, or tipsy.

Cheiloproclitic = Being attracted to a person's lips.

Colposinquinonia = Estimating a woman's beauty based on her chest.

Domptuese = A woman who trains animals.

Floccinaucinicinihilipilifincation = The categorizing of something useless or trivial.

Gambrinous = Being full of beer.

Graphnologia = Having the urge to stare at obscene pictures.

Gymnophoria = Having the sensation that someone is mentally undressing you.

Hippopotomonstrostesquipedalian = Pertaining to extremely long words.

Krokolibidinous = The act of staring at someone's crotch.

Lygerastia = A condition of one who is only amorous when the lights are out.

Here's my attempt:

Feeling both gambrinous, and capernoited, I was embarrassed at getting caught krokolibidinous, however I felt they were gymnophorias.

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