Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love Letters In Your Box

I don't about you, but I love getting a handwritten letter, a note, or a card in the mail from someone. Usually my U.S. mail box is filled with things like bills, and boring mail that I don't really need or want.

Then by pure happenstance, I'll open my mail box; retrieving the mail; peering inside and pull out a treat. Suddenly, I'm filled with zeal holding a handwritten envelope; addressed to me from someone who thought I was worth their time. That person sat and jotted down their thoughts; they bought a very expensive postage stamp and then they drove around looking for a mail box.

Warm and tingly is what I feel when I receive mail like that. I think I'm going to start saving all the letters, to include the envelopes.

All the great romances of our time seem to begin with letter writing. I'm gushing with romantic thoughts as I type this blog today. Nearly every Jane Austen story intertwines a letter written secretly to someone; sent by hand delivered courrier. The contents of the letters are often detailed thoughts about a coveted love, a clandestine affair and quite often, the love is unrequited.

Here's just a few lovers who penned love letters: Napolean Bonaparte and Josephine De Beauharnais; Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browing; John Keats and Fanny Brawne. God, do I love a sappy, good romance that ends with sweaty, knees shaking, lighting a cigarette sex.

I'm starting to write another story about on-line dating; more specifically the romance in the e-mail correspondence between my two characters. Lets face it, we live in the world of instant gratification; the internet is our best friend. We're a society that has surpassed receiving hand delivered love notes, and we barely use the U.S. Postal Service anymore. It's so much easier to pay your bills, and type out your requests and responses via e-mail, even blogging and then hitting the send key on your PC keyboard.

I'd like to know what your thoughts are about the wide spread epidemic of on-line dating. I'd also like to know more about the communication piece; the love letters, disguised as e-mails written back and forth between two people. Does it conjure up a romantic image for you? Do you think that some day, centuries from now, someone like me will be speaking of the on-line e-mail message as the greatest love letters ever written, the same way I refer to the hand delivered letters in two paragraphs above? Do you have any on-line dating experiences to share? You do? Cool. Please do.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

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Link3220 said...

As one of those who's job it is to leave you lots of bills and not nearly enough fun mail, I feel close to the subject of the handwritten letter. I'm sure many fine letters have been written through e-mail, but you're right, there's something magical about opening the mailbox to find a note with actual handwriting. Maybe a picture drawn in the empty spaces. Maybe a dab of perfume, or cologne. Maybe something made in first grade art class. But no smiley-face emoticons, or "lol"s. Just a simple proclamation that you were worth the time to create something of quality.
If you enjoy reading love letters, and especially if you enjoy peeking in other people's windows, you'll love the "Griffin and Sabine" trilogy. You even get to pull their letters to each other out of the envelopes they were sent in as you unravel the mystery of their relationship.
Okay, time to get started on all those handwritten letters I've been putting off!

Neve Black said...

Hi link3220 (so cryptic),
I thought you might enjoy this blog; it's right up your alley.

Yes. I do love peeking into people's windows and collecting interesting tid-bits of good information. I'm the one sitting across the street in my car; looking in and taking notes.

Thanks for the insight on Griffin and Sabine. I'll check it out.

Thanks for commenting too. ;-)