Saturday, July 5, 2008

Erotic Fruit and Vegetables

After yesterday's post regarding the natural wonders of a watermelon, I was alerted to a column about Fruits and Vegetables of well, the erotic nature. The story was written by Donna George Storey.

It's fabulously written. And based on the theme of fruit and sex this weekend, I thought it was fitting to link you all over to her story. So, carry on readers. Eat lots of juicy, delicious watermelon while you drool over Donna's story this holiday weekend.

Link to Donna's story is below:
Naked at the Farmer's Market.



Donna said...

Thank you, Neve! Here's to a juicy weekend for all. If anyone has questions or comments you can find me wandering around Berkeley's farmers' markets, sniffing melons and sighing--given the enlightened city laws, I might even actually be naked ;-)

Neve Black said...

Hi Donna,
Damn. I wish I could go with you. Maybe we could start a new trend.

Thanks for posting. Once again, I loved your piece!